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In Teaching, We Learn.

In Teaching, We

•Encourage contact between students and faculty.
•Develop reciprocity and cooperation among students.
•Encourage active learning.
•Give prompt feedback.

•Emphasize time on task.
•Communicate high expectations.
•Respect diverse talents and ways of learning.
#7PrinciplesOfTeaching #UTCEdu.

Why School Feeding is Important.

We Are Thankful for Every Support.

Out of School. Back to School.

While There Are Millions Of Out Of School Children in Africa. All We Want To Do Is To Identify With And Help One Child At a Time. So Help Us God. #TinyDrops.

#Street2schoolNG #MakingEveryChildCount

High School Registration: CHECKED FOR ANOTHER CHILD.

In September, 2018, Joy (not real name)  gained admission into government-owned junior high school, however she was not able to resume with other students because there was resource at home. No funding to initiate the registration process. Joy lives with her aged grandmother and uncle. Every morning, she would seat outside to watch other children go to school, while she stays back. 
Yesterday, was all shapes of excitement for Joy, as Street to School Initiative was able to sponsor her registration processes, and donate to her educational items in preparation for the workload ahead! 
Sponsor A Child With Us by sending us a mail via @Street2SchoolNG@gmail. Com.
We look forward to putting smiles on the faces of these little ones. 

Thank you, Moore Philanthropy!

Update as Shown on The Embassy of Japan FB Page.

We got a mention on the facebook page of the embassy of Japan in Nigeria.  Our appreciation for the huge support.