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Thank You, UPS Foundation. Together, We Keep Doing More...

We thank UPS Foundation for years of partnership. Thank you.

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We Are Having a New Facelift for our School.

Having a conducive learning space has
always been a goal. So we are checking this off our vision board. 💃💃..
Today, we are so thankful for the gift of friendship.
Thank you to ALL our partners, child sponsors and friends. You make the supposedly undeserving, deserving.
For our beautiful walls and mural painting

@sobukolaoluwanisola did it for FREE!!! He beautifies school/home walls. You can reach him via DM or +234 802 646 6885.
Education: Every Can Learn and Learn Well If Given A Chance. #Street2SchoolNG

Why Children Come Late To School?

We have pupils who come to school late because they need to make some sales before school hour. So, they hit the street to hawk for a few mins before school hour.
We have pupils who come to school late because they need to fetch some buckets of water till guardian stays, that is alright.
And, we have two of our pupils who come late most of the time, because they need to take care of their mum who has been down with stroke and, lost her sight. They bath, feed. They are our little heroes.

The first three attached photographs show the state of their apartment...until we received support from an amazing organisation and, partner @funmi_nehan_outreach

How blessed are we to have you do this for mama. Thank YOU SO much, ma'am for making this, happen. It means much.
Cc:  @fummilola_ayoolanehan, May God Bless You More.💕💖

We Celebrate Our Amazing Friends.

Best Wishes to You Both! Thank You For Been SO Amazing to the Kids We Serve. 🙏

Happy Workers' Day!!

To Our Kids Who Are Juggling Between Classroom and Workshops.
Happy Workers' Day!

Apparently, today isn't a day off for some of our kids as we found them busy in their respective work spaces.
A day off school, is a FULL day in their work space... However, the good thing is that they love showing up in school, regardless.
#Street2SchoolNG #EveryChildCanLearn.

Volunteers Are Awesome.

Volunteers aren't paid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!

Today, we are thankful for all our amazing friends and volunteers.

Together, we do more.. #PartnersInCause

New Academic Term Alert and Exciting Updates From Pupils Excursion

It is a new term and the kids and everyone is excited to be back in school. We are excited of our new school structure and thankful to all our friends and partners for helping us to regain strength and momentum to be where we are today.

Really, if we have seen any further, it is by standing on the shoulders of amazing giants and friends like you all.

Thank you everyone!.

Attached are photographs of event of our scholars at the Free Art Workshop organised by Daniella Are Studio. They had great fun, learning outside the classroom!

Hey! We had updates also from those who visited the United States Consulate, Lagos for the World Book Day celebration.