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Identifying the Barriers.

"Education is not simply about making schools available for those who are already able to access them. Inclusive education is about being proactive in identifying barriers and obstacles learners encounter in attempting to access quality education, as well as in removing those barriers and obstacles that lead to exclusion. No child may be excluded based on perceived difference such as sex,  ethnicity, language, religion, economic condition or ability...." UNICEF 

This summarises our activities at Street to School Initiative.
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We would Be On Classic FM today, Please, Listen Up.

Dear Friends,Today, we would be on "Amazons on Radio" show on Classic FM Radio. And, we invite you to kindly tune in by 4:00pm to listen to us, as we shall be discussing Out of School Children.Once again, we wish to thank everyone of you for being there. Thank you for your thoughtfulnesskind wishes, prayers, donations and huge support to the cause of children from extremely low income earning families. Thank you very much. God Bless.Our Best Wishes!
SSI Team
"Education...every child deserves a chance"

Thank You.

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!!

Happy 57th Independence, Nigeria.
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We Rise By Lifting Others. #Street2schoolInitiative #HelpersAcademy #Education4All

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You all know that for some years now we have been helping previously out of school children get back to the classroom to learn. And, while we have some of these sponsored children in other private schools in Lagos State, we have others who attend our established, non profit school - #HelpersAcademy.

Thus far, one of our major challenges with the children we serve has been lack of recommended textbooks. As only one child in every 15 students own a textbook (Maximum of 4! ). It has been pretty frutile exercise asking guardians/parents to buy textbooks. They seldom do, because (1) some of them feel it is our responsibility to provide textbooks (practically, everything!) because we persuaded them to release their ward/children to school. They were not ready for it. We came knocking on their doors to have the children. So, we gotta fix it!!??! (2) Other parents/guardians who truly cannot afford the cost.

Consequently, our (amazing) teachers are …

Thank You To Sponsors for walking this path with us.

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