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Feedback from A Beneficiary. We love feedbacks!!!

Attached Herewith Is A Feedback From One of Our Sponsorship Beneficiaries in year 2015, this morning. 
Feedbacks Are Necessary for Project Evaluation. Thank You, Simon for Letting Us Know This. Special Thanks To All Our Friends and Child Sponsors. 
We Wish You Well in Your Endeavors. 
#Education #EveryChildMatters  #EveryChildDeservesAChance
Street to School Initiative : Raising communities without an out-of-school child..cos no child deserves to be left behind. .#LightABulb #EducateAChild
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GCE Sponsorship Scheme: Volunteers Are Awesome!

{FACTFILE: All of these volunteers were beneficiaries to our sponsorship program and youth mentoring in 2010. They are now working graduates with great job. }

For Some Days Now, We Have Been Working on Selecting The Right Applicants for the 2018 GCE Sponsorship Program.  And, Our Selection Committee and Volunteers Have Been Doing a Fantastic Job.

Last Year, We Sponsored 36 Students to Register Freely For the Examination. This Year, We Have Sponsorship for 31 Young People From Low-income Families.

GCE Sponsorship Scheme  is an Annual Program Organised by the Street to School Initiative, Which Aims to Support The Education Programs of Disadvantaged Young people. We Are Committed to Ensuring that Every Child is Given a Chance To Formal Learning.

Volunteers Are Awesome.. #JustSaying #Street2SchoolNG #EveryChildMatters #LightABulb #EducateAChild
#ThankYou #Sponsors.


We Are Not Fragile..!

Throw Back Thursday To One of Our Newest Friends And Scholar,  Losing Her Mother With Four Siblings at a Tender Age. * Only Surviving Child. *Been Out of School for Some Good Years... Yet, Still Standing. #WeGotOurSmilesOnStill
We are thankful for all our Child Sponsors.
#SchoolDropOuts #Street2SchoolNG #Street2School #ChampionInEveryChild

Herbal Drink is NOT Primary Health Care!

We Need Volunteer Teachers.

Application form is accessible here:

2018 GCE Sponsorship Program: Call For Application

We wish to inform the public that our  annual GCE sponsorship program is ongoing. To register for our sponsorship, Click HERE or here: 'SPONSOR ME'

Terms and Conditions, Apply.

Street to School Management.

#ShoeSwap Project..