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Mentee's Profile of the Week.

Onofe O.O Orode is a student of OGS. Presently, he is in SSS 3A class of Science. Born on the 12th of February, 1992. His best subjects are Chemistry, Mathematics and Agricultural Science.

He looks forward to studying Agriculture at the University of Agric., Abeokuta (UNAAD).

His future ambition is to "rule the world but first develop Nigeria then win 7Nobel prizes and pay Nigeria’s debt, to become Nigeria’s greatest ever and youngest President at age of 45!”. He needs assistance in Physics.

Mentor's Letter of the Week

My name is Olayemi , a member of the RSN team. I have the priviledge of being your mentor for the next months.

As I am sure you are aware, the mentorship programme is designed to encourage academic excellence amongst youths. It is an opportunity for protegees to learn life building skills and other important lessons from more experienced members

I would give you a call later in the day so we could get to know each other better

Hope all is well with you and how are you preparing for your examination?

My contacts are XXXXXXXX.

Your Friend


Passing it On.

Greetings Folks!

Once again, this is to inform you that the Youths Mentoring Exercise commenced on the 19th of January, 2009. Our sincere appreciation goes to all our esteemed Volunteers. We really do appreciate your efforts and we do hope you would have a wonderful and fruitful mentoring exercise. Don't forget that one of our many objecitves in this exercise is to positively affect the lives of these young people, Improving on their academic performances.

Thank you for your act of Volunteerism!We appreciate It.

Best Wishes.

"Passing On the Baton Of Excellence!"

More Ways to be involved!

These are ways you can help. . . .
Be Our Mentor You can volunteer to be a mentor to one of the students in Secondary Schools. The Youths Mentoring Youths scheme runs for a period of 6months after which there is a re-cycle. Each member of the Mentor group helps to develop our work, finding time weekly to interact with the student, providing us with their point of view on how to improve the academic performance of the students. Please, feel free to be our Mentor. Give the gift of you. Volunteer.

Be a Friend of Mentors
Join our network of Friends by making an annual contribution that allows us to connect with a young person or child, making them part of our Mentor group. All friends receive updates on our work and news of events and activities. By becoming a Friend of Mentor you give children of all ages the opportunity to join our Mentor group. As a member of the Mentor group, they will receive regular information and interactive materials on Education.

Be Our Tutor
One of the steps we have…

Be Involved!

Be Our Mentor
Our Passion
There is a voice crying out for help amongst our young people, the closer you get to them, the clearer you hear their plea. . . .They need your help; they need your words of advice and encouragement to push-on despite all odds!
We believe that the recent WAEC result wherein 83% of these young people failed woefully would not have been so, if there was a You and I standing in the gap as a Mentor! We, at the Resource Sharing Network have heard their cry and decided to step in and make a change! But, we cannot achieve this fate without your assistance and concerted effort as an Individual or Corporate entity. Hence, would you be our Mentor? Would you help in Passing on the Baton of Excellence to these young people?
Our Strategy
Each student (Mentee) will be paired one-on-one with an experienced, successful graduate (Mentor) that best suits their area of interest to serve as friends and role models, helping them gain greater self-confidence. Mentors meet/call Mentees…

About Us

Resource Sharing Network (RsN)is a not-for-profit, Youth-Led organization which is set out to improve the academic performance of students in Secondary Schools, and to restore conscientiousness to school work and activities amongst young people. The program provides a platform for learning through our mentoring scheme, Coaching Classes, Career Talks, Leadership Programs, Ethics, etc.

RsN offers a unique mentoring leadership development program which pairs the disadvantaged youths with matured and responsible Graduates, Corps members, and other young professionals who are experienced and successful in their chosen field of study. The added care, personal attention and encouragement which the students receive from their Mentors, would help them realize their potential and take responsibility for their own lives.

The Program
Each student (Mentee) will be paired one-on-one with an experienced, successful graduate (Mentor) that best suits their area of interest to serve as friends and role m…