About Us

Resource Sharing Network (RsN) is a not-for-profit, Youth-Led organization which is set out to improve the academic performance of students in Secondary Schools, and to restore conscientiousness to school work and activities amongst young people. The program provides a platform for learning through our mentoring scheme, Coaching Classes, Career Talks, Leadership Programs, Ethics, etc.

RsN offers a unique mentoring leadership development program which pairs the disadvantaged youths with matured and responsible Graduates, Corps members, and other young professionals who are experienced and successful in their chosen field of study. The added care, personal attention and encouragement which the students receive from their Mentors, would help them realize their potential and take responsibility for their own lives.

The Program
Each student (Mentee) will be paired one-on-one with an experienced, successful graduate (Mentor) that best suits their area of interest to serve as friends and role models, helping them gain greater self-confidence. Mentors meet Mentees for duration of four times each week in a structured format and assist them with school home work, take the time to listen to their problems at home and family and support them with any problems they encounter in the process they instill self confidence and an ability to solve their own problems in the youths. Additionally, Mentors are enjoined to organize Free Tutorial Classes for Senior Secondary School Students only.

Enrolment into the program per cycle will be limited to 50 students from some selected schools in Lagos State. Officially, Mentoring exercise will elapse for a period of 6months after which a new cycle commences.

RsN Mission

  • Improve academic performance of students in secondary schools
  • To awaken the sense of social responsibility and leadership of young people by exposing them to some of the most pressing social problems of our country.
  • To mobilize Young People to positive changes this allows them to affect cultural, systemic, and personal transformation in their own lives and the lives of others.
  • Organize a periodic free Coaching classes for the Senior Secondary SchoolStudents in preparation for their WAEC/NECO exams.
  • Work towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals by encouraging and promoting Education of young women.

RsN Vision

  • To raise a generation of purpose-driven youths

We are a group of committed young people who are passionate for a change in the Educational system of our nation, Nigeria.

Here is our profile page on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2218795075#/group.php?gid=52392858864

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