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Be Our Mentor

Our Passion
There is a voice crying out for help amongst our young people, the closer you get to them, the clearer you hear their plea. . . .They need your help; they need your words of advice and encouragement to push-on despite all odds!

We believe that the recent WAEC result wherein 83% of these young people failed woefully would not have been so, if there was a You and I standing in the gap as a Mentor! We, at the Resource Sharing Network have heard their cry and decided to step in and make a change! But, we cannot achieve this fate without your assistance and concerted effort as an Individual or Corporate entity. Hence, would you be our Mentor? Would you help in Passing on the Baton of Excellence to these young people?

Our Strategy
Each student (Mentee) will be paired one-on-one with an experienced, successful graduate (Mentor) that best suits their area of interest to serve as friends and role models, helping them gain greater self-confidence. Mentors meet/call Mentees for duration of four times each week in a structured format and assist them with school or home work, take the time to listen to their problems at home and family and support them with any problems they encounter in the process they instill self confidence and an ability to solve their own problems! Additionally, Mentors are enjoined to organize Free Tutorial Classes for Senior Secondary School Students only.

Enrolment into the program per cycle will be limited to 50 students from some selected schools in Lagos State. Officially, Mentoring exercise will elapse for a period of 6months after which a new cycle commences.

Our Target
Presently, our targets are students in Senior Secondary Schools (SSS 3 students) within Lagos Metropolis.

Our Motivation
One of those things that motivate us is the feedback we often get from these young people. Example of such is this recent text message:

“Good day, thanks for the text Message, I just checked my NECO and I got 9 Credits, I don’t how much I go thank you!!!! A Student in Lokoja, Kogi State.”

Our Need
We need committed Young leaders who would volunteer as Mentors to help these young people by motivating them, encouraging them, assisting them in their academics and helping them gain greater self-confidence. And, that is why we need you!

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