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More Ways to be involved!

These are ways you can help. . . .
Be Our Mentor You can volunteer to be a mentor to one of the students in Secondary Schools. The Youths Mentoring Youths scheme runs for a period of 6months after which there is a re-cycle. Each member of the Mentor group helps to develop our work, finding time weekly to interact with the student, providing us with their point of view on how to improve the academic performance of the students. Please, feel free to be our Mentor. Give the gift of you. Volunteer.

Be a Friend of Mentors
Join our network of Friends by making an annual contribution that allows us to connect with a young person or child, making them part of our Mentor group. All friends receive updates on our work and news of events and activities. By becoming a Friend of Mentor you give children of all ages the opportunity to join our Mentor group. As a member of the Mentor group, they will receive regular information and interactive materials on Education.

Be Our Tutor
One of the steps we have deployed to improve on the academic performances of these young people (especially the SSS 3 students) is to organize weekly Tutorial for them in preparation for their WAEC exams. Hence, we need volunteers who would give an hour or two each week/end to teach them in basic subjects such as Mathematics, English, Biology, Economics, Chemistry, Account etc. Please, feel free to be our Tutor. Give the gift of you. Volunteer.

Pay Our Tutor
In absence of tutors as volunteer, we shall be hiring some fellows who would help meet the academic needs of the students. And, peradventure, you know someone who might be of help in rendering such effective tutorial session. Please do not hesitate to contact us. But, we need volunteers to help pay the bills and stipends. A monthly sum of N2,000 has been agreed on. For our account details, you can contact us.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at or call Tosin on 08034093287. Meet with other mentors on our Facebook Youths Mentoring Youths Network!

Thank You

Resource Management Team

“. . . .Passing on the Baton of Excellence”

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She was only 7+years old.

She was only 7+years old.
She fell ill 2weeks ago.
Maybe, for lack of hospital in the community.
Maybe, for lack of adequate knowledge.
The parent resolved into spiritual intervention.
It must be a spiritual attack.
Mary couldn't move again.
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Last three years, we had a similar case where one of our girls was also 'abandoned' in the church for spiritual healing. She had her legs swollen as a result of the illness. It was a mild fracture, mama assured us. Everything would be fine. Haaa! Fracture? But this is not an hospital. Swiftly, with friends help, we got them moved to a hospital where it was diagnosed that our little friend had kidney problem. She spent more than 4months in the hospital! Today she is alive and in JSS 1.

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Thank You.

We would Be On Classic FM today, Please, Listen Up.

Dear Friends,Today, we would be on "Amazons on Radio" show on Classic FM Radio. And, we invite you to kindly tune in by 4:00pm to listen to us, as we shall be discussing Out of School Children.Once again, we wish to thank everyone of you for being there. Thank you for your thoughtfulnesskind wishes, prayers, donations and huge support to the cause of children from extremely low income earning families. Thank you very much. God Bless.Our Best Wishes!
SSI Team
"Education...every child deserves a chance"