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A Mentor with his Protege

This is my picture with Farouk after my Guinness Marathon yesterday.
Mock exams are pretty tasking but Farouk is really preparing hard.

They have English and Maths this week and hope to complete the mock next week.
Jamb is 4th April while Waec starts 8th April.

These young guys need more encouragement now than before. Thank you for doing so by bringing them our way.

Will keep you posted on Farouks progress.

Thank you and...

Best regards,

Feedbacks from Delighted Mentees!

This is part of the reports we got from the Mentees.

Due to the fact that not everyone of them have access to Internet facilites, therefore, we decided to help them post their feedbacks here. Do watch out for more. . .

"The name of my Mentor is Tola (not real name). He works with SCB, Victoria Island. We have discussed three times. The first time he contacted me, he introduced himself to me and told me everything about himself and I also introduced myself to him.

The second time he contacted me, he told me about the "Millionaire's capsule" and he promised to come to my house the following week.

The third time, he came to visit me at my house, I introduced him to my parents and they were very happy to meet him. So, we discussed about the Millionaire's Capsule (Motivational talk) he told me about earlier.

The first Millionaire's capsule we discussed about was about how to achieve my goal and he gave me an assignment that I should write down my goals!"

As Scho…

March Newsletter

Greetings to all our Members, Mentors and friends!

Sure this mail is reaching you in good time! Best Wishes. . .

You might want to know these facts:
Today marks the third week that Public School Teachers began the Nation wide strike and our students/Mentees are greatly affected! WAEC/NECO exams start in less than 3months! - So close! Hence, we've got few weeks to help motivate, inspire, encourage and assist those young people. They really do need you badly. . . . . . . .And, you can never tell how far your timely assistance would do in touching and transforming their lives positively. A whole lot of them are like Pilgrims without Direction/Map to their final Destination. We've got a group on Facebook where you could get more updates and information about RSN. "unknown" has volunteered to he…