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Best Wishes in Your Exams. . .

The West African Examination (WAEC) for High School Students started a few days back. This is to wish our youths SUCCESS and best of Luck in their exams!

Best Regards!

Quotes From Other Mentors. . . .

I’m more a brother or a friend, I guess, than a parent or anything. That’s the way I try to act and be with him. I don’t want him to think—and I don’t think he does—that I’m like a teacher or a parent or something. . . . I don’t want him to be uncomfortable, like I’m going to be there always looking over his shoulder and always
there to report him for things he does wrong and that he tells me. I just want to be there as his friend to help him out.” —Mentor, Minneapolis

“I think I affect Randy. But I think I also affect the teachers and the principal. . . . Now, seeing Randy around more in the office and seeing that he’s making an effort, and knowing that we have this relationship, I feel that [the
principal’s] attitude toward Randy —it’s softer. I think the teachers and the staff see him a little bit differently and react differently to him when I’m around, or since I’ve been a—rouMnedn.t”or, Jacksonville, Florida Mentors Quotes.

"The program director and I used to talk about what wa…