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Mentees Visit to the Orphanage and Special School for Children with Hearing Difficulties

Mentees Visit to the Orphanage and Special School for Children with Hearing Difficulties

On 17th July, Resource Sharing Network - gathered together a few mentees to distribute sports' supplies to an orphanage and a school for children with hearing difficulties - the finances and arrangements were made first by the Ulster Teachers' Union, Carol, Kevin and Gerry - the endeavours of Tosin Anu and the commitment of the mentees.

The children we shared with will be enriched but the mentees will have gained much to bring meaning to their lives. These are quality days that are adorned by the happiness of children.

Thanks to everyone who made this occassion a success! Thank You.

Mentees Visitation to Orphanage Home

Mentees Visitation to Orphanage Home

Yes! We are glad to inform you that our Mentees' visitation to the Orphanage Home and Special School for Children with Hearing Difficulties comes up this week Friday -17th of July, 2009. And we shall be donating some Sporting Items!! Courtesy of Ulster's Teacher Union, UK and A Ray Of Hope, UNESCO.

Once again, we say a big Thank you to everyone!

Hey! but, should you still have anything to give out to support this annual cause, Please, do not hesitate in doing so. We shall greatly appreciate every little contribution!

Loads of Love from Mentees to YOU.


Next Mentoring Cycle ?!?!

Good day!

This is to intimate us that the next Youths Mentoring Cycle commences
in a few months time -September, 2009 while the current cycle ends in
August. The reason for this is to create more rooms for other
less-priviledged youths in the Society, especially youths in Public
Senior Secondary Schools, Class SSS 3.

To our Mentors who have patiently waited to be paired up with a
suitable Mentee, but, couldn't get any - We sincerely apologise for
these lapses. We assure you that in our next cycle, we hope to reach
out to more students in other fields than Sciences!

The First Phase of our Mentoring Programme has enlightened us and
prepared us act right in the next cycle, so that the best can be given
to these young ones. To one of our Mentors, who have volunteered to
help develop a new web portal (Website) strictly for Youths Mentoring
Youths Programme. We do appreciate your gesture, thank you. We look
forward to launching this website soon.

To all our Mentors who are interested in the Next Mentor…