Tips for Mentors by Colin Powell

" What adults do for children, what mentors do for children, is to pass on a hundred previous generations of experience. And if that is not passed on to a youngster, the youngster will get that experience on the street and it may not be a good experience and that youngster will head in the wrong direction.

So all of us, as citizens of this great country, have an obligation to not only raise our own children in this manner so that they can be a great new generation; we have an obligation to do this for all of our children, especially those children who don’t have this family structure, or whose family structure needs some help. And that’s why mentoring is so important. That’s why each and everyone one of us who has some time, some talent, and a willingness to get in the life of a child will volunteer to do that. It doesn’t mean that you become their parent; it just means you’re there for them.

. . . . You check on them,
. . . . see how they’re doing,
. . . . you encourage them,
. . . . you give them your experience,
. . . . you take them places.
. . . . You just enter their life and help them,
. . . . help them deal with life.

The beautiful part of mentoring is it’s not just what you do for that child; it’s what that child does for you. You will be changed by this experience; you will gain as much as that child will."
Collin Powell.

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