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A letter to our Mentors. . . .

Good day Fellow Patriots,

We hope this mail meets you all in good health, peace and sound mind!

Once again, we thank you for your involvement in this scheme and we hope that you would continually give your support to passing on the baton of excellence.

Feedback from YOU.
Undoubtedly, since the inception of this mentoring cycle in October, 2009 we have refused to beleaguer your mailboxes bi-weekly with mails requesting for your feedback in this mentoring exercise, because we do understand the difficult challenges faced by some of our Mentors in their workplace in the last couple of months, especially those working in the Bank - it was such a dark period in some families. To those affected, our heart goes out to you and definitely we wish you a very successful future.

Now, that this season mentoring scheme is coming to a close in some weeks time and a new one commencing in October, 2010 we would appreciate it if you could spare some minutes and give us a feedback on your mentoring relatio…