We got the GCE Exam Forms for some Disadvantaged Students!

We hope that the First Half of this year, 2010 has been good!!
Now, it's JULY we cannot but wish you many more blessings of Greater
Accomplishments, Good Health, and lasting PEACE.

We are using this platform to express our profound gratitude to all our sponsors and donours for making our dream come true: Yes, our dream of getting the GCE exam forms for some less priviledged students! We attempted it, and we got a very good response. . . .Now, we have been able to purchase the form for twenty (20) disadvantaged students including student with hearing difficulties.

Our joy is to see them live out their dreams and live a purposeful life, exceling in their chosen fields.

We say a very big thank you to our Sponsors and Donors. Zillion thanks to everyone for the support, interest and love shown. We appreciate you immensely, and to the Young Professional Impact Organisation we say -Thank You!

Wishing these students Good Success in their examinations.

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