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WAEC Result: We're Still Counting....


Happy weekend to you o'er there. Trust your day has been good. Cheers...

We hope to intimate you of our students' progress thus far. Remember, that this year:

-We did pair over 30 SSS 3students with Young Professionals
-We sponsored tutorial classes of two Mentees
-We bought the 2010 GCE form for 21disadvantaged students! etc

Now, that the WAEC results' out....
A Mentee got this result....English C5; Maths B2; Physics C4; Chemistry C6; Biology D7; Agric B3.
2 others secured admission into higher institution of their choice

But, We're Still Counting....and, we just want to say.....THANK YOU for your support!!


20+ Ways to be a Great Mentor

1. Commit to at least one year with your mentee
2. Demonstrate to your mentee that you are consistent, dependable, and trustworthy
3. Consistently act in ways that are ethical to earn the trust of your mentee
4. Know the mission of your mentoring provider organization
5. Always follow the guidelines of your mentoring provider organization
6. Value the diverse economic, cultural, and religious traits of your mentee
7. Maintain regular contact with your mentoring provider organization to ensure effective mentoring practices
8. Have fun with your mentee as you learn together – mentoring should not be all work and no play
9. Do not criticize the staff or faculty of your mentoring provider organization in front of your mentee
10. Do less talking and more listening so your mentee can share his/her thoughts
11. Do not make inappropriate remarks about your mentee’s family
12. Be a positive role model in both word and deed
13. Never engage in inappropriate physical contact with your mentee

REMINDER: Call for Volunteer Youth Mentors...


This is to remind you of our need for Volunteer Youth Mentors.

It doesn't matter if you have 'failed' before in making your promises true to mentoring a child. Here comes another opportunity to give it a fair trial and your Mentee would appreciate you for it.

For we never know the impact we have on others sometimes until much later in their life and sometimes we never know we made that impact.

Young people need real Role Models in times like these. . . . They need US.

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own." -B. Disraeli

Do have a terrific weekend!!

Thank YOU.

Join Us Today. . . .Youths Mentoring Youths

It's all about YOUNG PEOPLE.
Our Next Youth Mentoring cycle commences in November, 2010.
Wouldn't you rather mentor a youth, Touch a LIFE.
Join us today. . .

What Motivates You to Mentor Young People?

The question "What Motivates You to Mentor Young People????" is one of the many questions that we usually ask our volunteer Mentors and herewith are some of their responses to this question.

"Since when I was a teenager, I’ve always had the desire to affect the youths positively. When I heard about this, I saw it As a stepping stone to achieving my desire." Julia

To provide opportunities for young people achieve their dreams, maximized their talents and abilities and live to their highest potentials. Emmanuel

The impassioned desire to help indigent youths make an impact in life regardless of the odds they are up against (among other things) drives me.Jinadu


The love to help humanity and impact in the life of younger generation. Miriam


We are getting more Volunteers. . . .Yippee!!!

"Hi Tosin,

I am very much interested in volunteering as a mentor for the Special Mentoring Edition, and I am interested in mentoring a child just for ONE MONTH.


"great work, well done the lord is your strength, i would love to be part of those mentoring the ex- students or any other set of youth. can you please send yout phone number and email ad. to ?????, i'd like to communicate with you ASAP"

Mentor a Child. . . .Touch a Life! Be a Youth Volunteer Mentor today:)

A Mentor's Suggession....

Dear Tosin & RSN Board,

Thank you for your continued zeal to making the lives of Nigerian student better.

This is to inform you that I have since been mentoring "TF" of the 2nd/3rd mentoring session. He had to redo his Jamb and post jamb twice. I mentored him through the process, funded part of it and I am happy to say that we are closer to getting admision in Federal University Technology Akure this coming session.

I would like to suggest that mentoring shouldn't end at the point of taking the SSCE/WASCE exam but probably into College / Univeristy.
By doing that you are leaving a more last ing legacy.

Thank you once more for heading this initiative.

God bless you and Don for all his support.


2010-2011 Youths Mentoring Cycle

Our next Youths Mentoring Cycle is in two phases:

Special EditionThis mentoring cycle is for a period of ONE MONTH. And, Our objective is to reach out to the unreached Mentees in our previous cycles. We want everychild to experience what it feels to have a Mentor, a Guide and a Friend. Should you be interested in this Special Mentoring Edition, and should you be interested in mentoring a child just for ONE MONTH, please do not hesitate to call or send us a mail. This cycle commences in NOVEMBER, 2010. WE ARE REACHING OUT TO 10 EX-STUDENTS AND SO, WE'D NEED 10 YOUNG PROFESSIONALS AS MENTORS, PLEASE.

Regular Mentoring Cycle: This takes the normal 9months duration of mentoring. Unlike the Special Edition, the Mentees are SSS 3 students who will be writing the next WAEC/NECO exams. WE ARE REACHING OUT TO 30 STUDENTS AND SO, WE'D NEED 30 YOUNG PROFESSIONALS AS MENTORS, PLEASE.

Mentoring a child takes unflinching and relentless courage. Courage to see the need. Courage to make a decisi…