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20+ Ways to be a Great Mentor

1. Commit to at least one year with your mentee
2. Demonstrate to your mentee that you are consistent, dependable, and trustworthy
3. Consistently act in ways that are ethical to earn the trust of your mentee
4. Know the mission of your mentoring provider organization
5. Always follow the guidelines of your mentoring provider organization
6. Value the diverse economic, cultural, and religious traits of your mentee
7. Maintain regular contact with your mentoring provider organization to ensure effective mentoring practices
8. Have fun with your mentee as you learn together – mentoring should not be all work and no play
9. Do not criticize the staff or faculty of your mentoring provider organization in front of your mentee
10. Do less talking and more listening so your mentee can share his/her thoughts
11. Do not make inappropriate remarks about your mentee’s family
12. Be a positive role model in both word and deed
13. Never engage in inappropriate physical contact with your mentee
14. Maintain a cheerful and positive attitude with your mentee
15. Support community efforts to encourage volunteerism
16. Never violate the law or organizational codes of conduct
17. Keep conversations confidential between you and your mentee
18. Be an advisor, not a preacher
19. Be a sympathetic listener, not a psychologist
20. Be a friend, not a surrogate parent
21. Talk to a teacher, counselor, or the mentoring provider organization if your mentee has problems you cannot help with
22. Refrain from profanity or other inappropriate speech
23. Know that “thank you” may come in the form of a hug or a smile instead of words

compiled by Mentor Michigan

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She was only 7+years old.

She was only 7+years old.
She fell ill 2weeks ago.
Maybe, for lack of hospital in the community.
Maybe, for lack of adequate knowledge.
The parent resolved into spiritual intervention.
It must be a spiritual attack.
Mary couldn't move again.
Yesterday, Mary died in the church.
Where her parent had taken her to.
Today, I crrrriiieeed. Still tear-dropping.
I weep because we just lost a friend .
one of our coolest friends.
I weep for what ignorance could bring.

Last three years, we had a similar case where one of our girls was also 'abandoned' in the church for spiritual healing. She had her legs swollen as a result of the illness. It was a mild fracture, mama assured us. Everything would be fine. Haaa! Fracture? But this is not an hospital. Swiftly, with friends help, we got them moved to a hospital where it was diagnosed that our little friend had kidney problem. She spent more than 4months in the hospital! Today she is alive and in JSS 1.

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Thank You.

We would Be On Classic FM today, Please, Listen Up.

Dear Friends,Today, we would be on "Amazons on Radio" show on Classic FM Radio. And, we invite you to kindly tune in by 4:00pm to listen to us, as we shall be discussing Out of School Children.Once again, we wish to thank everyone of you for being there. Thank you for your thoughtfulnesskind wishes, prayers, donations and huge support to the cause of children from extremely low income earning families. Thank you very much. God Bless.Our Best Wishes!
SSI Team
"Education...every child deserves a chance"