Saturday, October 30, 2010

Annual Youths Mentoring Orientation Programme

Resource Sharing Network presents her 3rd Annual Youths Mentoring Orientation Programme for SSS 3 Students in Public Secondary Schools, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Theme: "Attaining Academic Excellence-Our Collective Responsibilities”.
Date: 6th of November, 2010
Venue: Sweet Sensation Hall
Time: 12:00noon

We shall be obliged to have you attend this Education Program! It's time to do it right! For Sponsorship and Participation, kindly send us a mail today or call Tosin on 08034093287

Thank YOU.

RSN....It's all about YOUNG PEOPLE.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why We Needed to Visit.....

Yesterday, was such an awesome day for all of us who visited high school students within the metropolis of Lagos.

It was such a refreshing time, as "Le Dynamique Professeur" Samuel Ekundayo fed the youths with inspiring words of life and of wisdom. Samuel E, profoundly called Ldp is an exciting young man who left the shore of Nigeria some years back, started his PhD degree at the age of 23!..and still matching on....dreaming on and on....He is such a young professional with a good spirit and sound mind who is so passionate of young people. Starting PhD at such a young age is a 'mirage' and almost impossible in this part of the world, and reasons why this is so, aren't far fetched, and i know those of us in here, can attest to it.....ASUU strike, unstable educational system, etc.

The decision to have him as our Guest Speaker was to inspire a cadre of young people. Already, enough has been said about the distractions our youths face in the society, the pressure to be a millionaire overnight without having to work for it, the negative influence of entertainments, technology, models etc.Truly, some of them have very bad role models and all these are eating deep into their lives and systems.....Most recently, due to the new education policy by the Lagos State Education Board, a very high percentage of SSS 2 students couldn't make it into SSS 3. Now, we have very few classes of SSS 3 in most public schools in Lagos State....and very few students, compared to what we used to have in time past...I know this might be a strategy to raise qualify students to write the next WAEC exams....let's hope things work out as planned. :) But, my concern in here, is that while most of these young people were demoted because they couldn't pass specified compulsory's saddening that majority of these students REFUSED to go back to repeat their classes....the new policy hit them real hard and at such.....they find it difficult to repeat classes only because they didn't pass English and Mathematics at once!They choose not to register into their new classes and decided to completely stay away from school....

Now, the concern is ....what is the future of such kids....who have decided to stay off school....?

Yesterday, we were able to visit two schools and we were gladly met by their Principals, School Counselors and teachers, We sincerely hope that our objective of exposing these kids to successful young professionals like Samuel would help them think straight and know that whatsoever the mind can conceive, it can ACHIEVE.....but, they've got to DREAM ON....and keep their dreams alive....

We still remember this....! E+R =O

smiles.....It's a riddle....what does E, R and O stand for....?

School Visit 1