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Thank You NOTE

‎...."every student deserves to be treated as a potential genius" -Anton.

Last year, Tope, a young lady was one of our GCEbeneficiaries.....Having lost her dad some years back, she and her 3siblings lives with their mum (a trader) and thus far, life has been so challenging. She wrote the WAEC exam once without enough fund towrite NECO...there and then, she was refereed to us and we decided tosponsor her next exam- 2010... GCE. Having made only 1paper in herprevious exams. At first, we were skeptical if she was going to passher next exam, and in our own human thinking we imagined that it mightbe a waste of resources sponsoring such a student. Alas, we decided tohelp But, were proved wrong by God! Who knows & sees the heart of allmen.

Now, that the result of the exam's out, this young lady had incredibleresult!! Still the best result so far of all the 21 students that wesponsorsed...She dazzed us...!

Another young man...a beneficiary, also made all his papers! No single subject did he fail. He got credits and distinction! Actually, thiswas a young man who's had difficult challenges and had to resolve tofending for himself and family. But, in his eyes you see strongdetermination & eagerness to study more.... The last time I saw him,he was on his way to a building construction site where he works as alabourer...moulding concrete blocks, carrying sand etc. Now, he's aFREE man! Having made all of his papers at last...we're so so happyfor him and hope he get admitted to a college soon...-realising his dream!

....(still collating results)

In RSN, we believe in every child's dream, providing support, encouragement, ideas and insights to help them overcome life's challenges.With smiles....we just wanna thank YOU for supporting our cause ofassisting the disadvantaged youths via mentoring and sponsorship approach.

This year, One of our projects is to build a Resource Centre 2engageyoung minds, also, connecting more students to e-Mentors.. We needassistances in whatever kinds... it's a voluntary exercise..2affectmore lives of disadvantaged youths. #ItemsNEEDED: good literatures,CDs, textbooks, educational wallcharts, laptops, desks & chairs, stationaries, phones, computers, (not necessarily new ones) etc. Pls, do not hesistate to call 08034093287

Thank YOU.

Tosin TaiwoFor RSN.

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It is the end of an academic session, and we are not ungrateful... Special Shout Out to Everyone For The Massive Support Received Towards The Education Programs of The Children We Work With... Thank You For Your Sponsorship, Donations,  Volunteerism,  Mentorship, Book Donations, Kind Wishes, Great Thoughtfulness! Most Importantly, Thank You For Believing In Us. And, in the Dream Of The African Child... It Has Been An Amazing Session, With You (yes, You!).Thank YOU For All You.
Tosin Taiwo
"Education.. .every child deserves a chance"
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