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Newsletter and Sponsorship Update!

'Mentors do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart'. A Zillion thanks to all our Mentors in the just concluded 2010 Youth Mentoring session.

Good day, Friends,

Trust your day has been good, wishing you pleasant surprises ahead. Thus far, it’s been a wonderful time remember, exactly one year ago we did purchase the GCE form for some disadvantaged youths wherein more than half of them scaled through. Once again, we thank you all for your concerted efforts! God Bless You...

Close of 2010 Youth Mentoring Scheme…
As the 2010 Youth Mentoring Scheme comes to an end this week, we hope our Volunteer Mentors had pleasant time with their Mentees…? Really, we would appreciate it immensely if YOU COULD SEND US FEEDBACK of your memorable time together and your achievements etc. with photographs (if any).

We Need Your Support…
Lastly, there are some students who need sponsorship to write this year GCE exams, and we would appreciate every support we can get to add up. GCE Application form costs N5,900 with Registration Process of N500. Deadline is next month –JULY, 2011. Interestingly, we got an organisation (A Ray of Hope, UK) that is willing to donate $10 (ten dollars) for every $10 donation that we receive for our projects. Hence, we look forward to your donation for this multiplier effect…

Follow Up News…
Some of our Mentees & beneficiaries of the GCE exams, did write the recent JAMB exam, and thus far, they are progressing well with aggregate score of 241, 195, 292, 202 etc.

We appreciate you all, for making good impact in these ones…

Sincerely, Tosin Taiwo
For, RSN

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