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Bag Swapping :)

This week we received a donation of $235 for our School Bag Project! Also, received a box containing educational wallcharts, schoolbags and dresses for women. Thanks to YOU our friends for your support. :) The 'School Bag Project' is aimed at promoting education. Our plan is to visit more kids in Public Primary Schools within Ipaja, Alimosho Local Government. We hope to excite the kids towards education....bringing out the best in every child. Our targets are kids in Public Primary Schools WITHOUT a school bag, who use 'nylon bags' instead. We hope our little gift is going to excite and encourage them to Education. Now, we've got more than 50bags to give away.... Woohooo! Can't wait to see the smile on their faces, as they swap their 'bags' for something NEW. Happy Swapping ;) Tosin.

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10 Children, 10 Sponsors: From Our WishList

10 Children and pupil of Helpers Academy would be moving to Junior High School, Next Session. And, Esther is one of them.We are looking out for 10 Sponsors who would sponsored their program into private junior high school. #10Children #10Sponsors.
For further information, call Tosin 08034093287 or send us a mail on street2schoolNG

She was only 7+years old.

She was only 7+years old.
She fell ill 2weeks ago.
Maybe, for lack of hospital in the community.
Maybe, for lack of adequate knowledge.
The parent resolved into spiritual intervention.
It must be a spiritual attack.
Mary couldn't move again.
Yesterday, Mary died in the church.
Where her parent had taken her to.
Today, I crrrriiieeed. Still tear-dropping.
I weep because we just lost a friend .
one of our coolest friends.
I weep for what ignorance could bring.

Last three years, we had a similar case where one of our girls was also 'abandoned' in the church for spiritual healing. She had her legs swollen as a result of the illness. It was a mild fracture, mama assured us. Everything would be fine. Haaa! Fracture? But this is not an hospital. Swiftly, with friends help, we got them moved to a hospital where it was diagnosed that our little friend had kidney problem. She spent more than 4months in the hospital! Today she is alive and in JSS 1.

Sadly, when people resolve to goin…

Thank You.