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Youth Receives Copy of the Book: Making the Most of Life!

A few days ago, some copies of the Book : Making the Most of LIFE was donated to us by one of our Friends and Youth Mentor. Mr. Olufemi (a co-Author of same book).

We are happy to share this book with young people. Hoping that it is going to make a good impact in their lives.

Thanks to our good friend and Donor. We appreciate your kind gestures!

Swapping Bag 2012

on 2nd of April, 2012 is going to be an unforgettable day for primary school pupil of African Church Primary School, Ikola-Yeye, Ikola, Ipaja, Lagos State.

It was a day when most of them had their makeshift school bags such as Nylon bags replaced with Brand New School Bags.

Resource Sharing Network launched out "Swapping SchoolBag" Project some few weeks back when they received some bag donation from their Partner in the UK -A Ray of Hope. On our first visit to some private schools within Ikola metropolis, we targeted only those kids who are without school bags, and to our amazement, there were more kids who fall into this category. Hence, we decided to solicit for more bags from friends and Partner. Fortunately, we had more than fifty school bags donated to us again by A Ray of Hope, UK. We received other educational items such as Wall charts, Educational Toys etc. All these were given out free of charge to the disadvantaged kids in their respective schools during our visi…