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Next Project -October 30th, 2012

Distribution of Educational Items to Students.

~before donation of bags Today, we had fun as we moved from one classroom to the other, identifying those kids without school bags, sandals and notebooks. We had an handful of the students without backs, and notebooks! Thanks to A Ray of Hope for the donations. We appreciate you. Thank You for putting smile on the faces of the disadvantaged young people. Thank you.

Primary Education Sponsorship Scheme: Another Beneficiary

The photograph shows another child (Efem) and beneficiary to our Primary Education Sponsorship Scheme. He is the last child in a family of 6. He lives with his single mum and siblings.

Here he is in his school regalia, and other educational item given to him by Resource Sharing Network! Thanks to our Sponsors for everything. :)

where are the GIRLS !??!

...just yesterday, was wondering why all of our Primary Education Sponsorship Beneficiaries were MALES...never knew somewhere out there was this 12 years old girl, an Orphan who would need our support. Visited her yesterday in one of the public primary schools and she's in Primary 5.

Care to Sponsor A Child? Pls do send a mail to We'd send you every necessary details of the needy child, pls. Moreso, you could send your donations to Resource Sharing Network, GTBank, 0119415943 (naira), 0119415950(dollar) SwiftfCode: GTBINGLA; SortCode: 058152065. Thank You. God Bless

Visiting the Boys in the Garrage.'s another exciting Monday. I couldn't believe my work could take me to bus Garage *winks. Now, I just met with the 'Ganja Master'...who tells me more about young people living in the garage.

...his voice gives him away so easily as he speaks even in good, clear English! #My heart bleeds for him and the little ones.....'These young ones spokes weed much more' he said. #I think i have just visited another 'world', trully. Christ!

This is Where We Are!

Dear Friend,

Trust you are keeping well. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate you!

This day, we hope to share with you of our recent activities. This is where we are at!
* We have paid the School fees of our two kids in School. Find scanned copy of Receipts, attached. While Basit is in a Private Primary School –Class One, Emmanuel is in a Community School, in SSS 1. School Fees paid were N21, 500 and N7, 900 respectively.
* We did pay for Basit’s School Books which sums up to N13, 120 only. Find receipts, attached please.
* School bags and Stationaries were donated to three kids, photograph attached, also.
* Two students on Full Scholarship receive their monthly stipend of N10,000 each this week. They are expected to commence JAMB tutorial classes as soon as next month, putting a close to a 3-4months of Computer Training.
* GCExamination has been concluded. We are hoping for the best for all of the Seventeen Disadvantaged students that were beneficiaries to this Year Sponsorship S…