Saturday, October 6, 2012

This is Where We Are!

Dear Friend,

Trust you are keeping well. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate you!

This day, we hope to share with you of our recent activities. This is where we are at!
* We have paid the School fees of our two kids in School. Find scanned copy of Receipts, attached. While Basit is in a Private Primary School –Class One, Emmanuel is in a Community School, in SSS 1. School Fees paid were N21, 500 and N7, 900 respectively.
* We did pay for Basit’s School Books which sums up to N13, 120 only. Find receipts, attached please.
* School bags and Stationaries were donated to three kids, photograph attached, also.
* Two students on Full Scholarship receive their monthly stipend of N10,000 each this week. They are expected to commence JAMB tutorial classes as soon as next month, putting a close to a 3-4months of Computer Training.
* GCExamination has been concluded. We are hoping for the best for all of the Seventeen Disadvantaged students that were beneficiaries to this Year Sponsorship Scheme.

PS: To Sponsor the education of a Child in Public School, It would only require a sum of N30,000 per academic session/annually. This would help us to provide them with some basic educational items. These items include: School Bag, Exercise Books, School Sandal, School Uniform, Sport Wear, School Cardigan etc. While Private School expenses would largely depend on choice of school, location etc. Care to Sponsor a Child?

Send your donations to:
Any Guaranty Trust Bank to
Resource Sharing Network
Naira: 0119415943
Dollars: 0119415950

Thank You for Making A Difference…Happy Weekend!

Sincerely, Tosin

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