28th of December, 2012

Dear Friend,
As the year comes to an end, we have EVERY reason to be thankful to God for ALL things. Yes, and every reason to appreciate YOU our friend for your HUGE and immeasurable support, donations, good wishes etc. all through the year. Thank You!
Interestingly, in our own little way of paying it forward aside education sponsoring; we have visited some Orphanage Homes in the past years, to donate some items. Orphanages such as:
Little Saints Orphanage
Red Cross Orphanage and Makoko Waterside kids
Heart of Gold Children Hospice
Light of Hope School for DEAF and DUMB etc.
However, this year, on the 28th of December, 2012 we wish to Fundraise for our 2013 Education Sponsorship Projects and also spend some good time with Past and Present Beneficiaries of our Sponsorship/Mentorship Scheme. And, while we have some of them already in the Universities, Polytechnics etc...We have others in Primary and Secondary Schools.
Already, we have received a donation of N50,000 for this event from Dr. (Mrs) T, Much Appreciation! We look forward to an exciting time ~
Please for support of the 2013 Education Sponsorship Projects etc, Kindly address cheque(s) payable to Resource Sharing Network, Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTBank) 0119415943. #we need to keep Basit and others in school…
Do have a Fruitful Week…


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