Fundings: Not Enough..

.....Now, I really got to be pardoned. And, I know it...:D because it's hugely dawn on me that most of my updates got to do with young people's education, sponsorship, mentorship etc!... Really, working with young people has been so excitingly demanding! such that almost every day/week we receive request for education assistance from the disadvantaged young people who got dropped out of school etc and they really would love to get back to school. We get phone calls from some mothers(single parents) too and all they need is some financial support because things are pretty hard..

In less than 48hours we have got requests for JAMB exam sponsorship from 14 students and 2 for WAEC sponsorship from a Single parent whose child missed out of this year WAEC exam because she could not afford the fee...and there were no public schools in the environ to easily fix up her children.

Now, while our desire is to sponsor as many children as we can, however, our budget and findings wouldn't...'Obey' ! :) hence, the need to keep throwing it open on facebook etc so we could get the needed support and be a blessing to some kids out there. At present, we need to register approximately 17 more students for JAMB and WAEC(internal) exams which would cost about N160,000. We don't mind to send you details of each child to be sponsored...they need it badly and would appreciate it, if given the chance.. Kindly send a mail to for our bank account details. We would be glad to have you sponsor our kids, pls.

This Season and always, our profound gratitude to everyone who has supported our works! Thank you, God bless you richly... Amen.

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