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How Much is Too Much?

....The other day I was discussing with a friend who wanted to know how much it costs us to register a student for WAEC examination. And, when I told him it could cost as high as N30, 000 to N35,000 which largely depends on the School of registration...he was stunned...and felt that was pretty much especially in Lagos state where the Government pays the fee for students in Public schools... Yes, that is true, maybe he got a good point there :)

Howbeit, the truth is that not every community in Lagos State got public schools. Considering the distance, some parents are forced to send their kids to nearby private schools -which they know they cannot fully afford. Eventually they got some accumulating school bills every academic year. We have seen cases whereby their wards/children are eventually sent out of school without completion.

At present, there are three cases...and you just wouldn't want to blame their parents for 'starting what they can...not finnish'! :)..Atleast they made some effort.

Interestingly, today we did register one of these students back to school for WAEC examination. This is one cute, intelligent 18year old male student. He was ejected from school just some few weeks before WAEC exams last year when his school fees outstandings were really outstanding and his mum couldn't afford the exam fee, either.

Now is N30,000 -N35,000 too much to give to assist the academic pursuit of a disadvantaged child? I've just been thinking of my friend's stance...:)

Not forgetting to say a very HuGe ApPreciAtion to everyone who has made this mission possible, and ongoing. We are Partners in Vision. Yes, we really are... :)) Thanks, God bless you

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