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The e-village Concept

Some lines of thoughts on the #e-VillageConcept

Exciting phonecall from a software company who are willing to give away their education software products and also install these products on available Computer systems provided by the school...#E-learning #PromotingEducation. #ExcitedTosin...can't wait.! ..not everyone knows the challenges faced by students in public schools and why we are so passionate about reaching out to them. Yes, a very good percentage do not have access to the computer, until they are out of High School. Unlike their counterparts in Private Schools that have easy access....E-learning is pretty new to students in public schools...but never to kids in Private schools who are well equipped and encouraged to get a laptop at tender age. it nothing to bother about that the educational gap gets wider? :( A good number do not pass in their POST JAMB examination, not because they aren't brilliant, but because of the use of computer systems involved, right? yea…

Fully Equipped

Today, our little friend and most recent beneficiary of our Education Sponsorship Project-Bose got some more donated items for her school project. Yes, she is fully equipped with some cartons of noodles, biscuits, school bags and book.. Find attached photographs, pls. Huge appreciation to you our Friend and Sponsor. Impacting others makes the world so beautiful...:) PS: We are still very much in need of used or brand new Computers for our e-Village Concept. It's still all about young people. Do watch this space for more updates as we pick up a donated Laptop tomorrow from one of our great Friend and Supporter. Thank you Mrs T.F!!! (so tempted to shout out your name :). Thank you for putting those smiles on the faces of the disadvantaged kids. We'd always appreciate you.

The Platform, We Build.

Someone wrote in this morning and got this to say..

"Thanks for all you do. You and your platform has really helped me to fulfil purpose... by giving me an avenue to do what I really love to do... affecting lives in my very little way".

(This Fellow has sponsored the education programme of more than 3students, and yesterday, she was so happy re-connecting with one of her pioneer Mentee(2009), who is now an HND Graduate and undergraduate in one of the Universities.. It's all about Paying Forward)

 Really ...this is the platform we have always desired to build.. as an organisation. A platform that connects disadvantaged young people to individuals who have good passion to help. Thanks to our Friends and everyone who has been a part of this gestures. We would always appreciate you. Thank you so much.

PS: JAMB registration expires in two days! Thanks to our Sponsors.. Do have a terrific Month end. Sincerely, RSN l Mentorship l Education l Sponsorship


It's the InspiredYOUTH week and we look forward to e-chatting to young professionals and matured adults who have got some inspiring stories to share...
We really want to hear YOUR stories and publish them for young people at NO COST. #FREE.

Your story could motivate someone out there to be STRONGER, FIRMER in the pursuit of their dream despite the so many challenges & distractions faced by young people. We've met with some young people ... with aborted dreams due to some difficult parental situations, etc. Howbeit, things could change and Hope restored...:) Yea! If this person could go through this, then I CAN! #MentalityREFORMED. ;)

Do join our InspiredYOUTH team today...make your story count :) Send us an inbox today and we would be glad to schedule a virtual interview session with YOU. Or send BB invite to 2152A06F..

Resource Sharing's all about young people. :) For Partnership and Support, Kindly contact us via rsnnigeria @ We would be glad to…

RSN Founder (Tosin Taiwo) wins the United State Consul-General Award.

On the 13th of February, 2013, at the close out event of the 2012 Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI), the Resource Sharing Network, Founder (Tosin Taiwo), a CYFI Fellow received the U.S Consul-General Award for her meritorious service and dedication to her project. It was an awesome experience and thus far, the best moment in 2013 for all of us in RSN.

The celebration also featured the presentation of the Consul General's Award to Tosin Taiwo, an outstanding CYFI fellow whose passion and commitment embodied the best of the program's objectives. The Vocational Training team was awarded the America-Nigeria Partnership Award for their outstanding and inspirational project, YEC-Academy. -

*Tosin Taiwo wears black suit on pink*
Congratulations, Tosin. Wishing you many more..:)
It was an exciting meet with foremost Ambassador Walter Carrington and his wife!. Central Photograph reveals Tosin with the US Consul General -Jeff Hawkins with Dr. Joe Odumakin (A…

Bose Begins School...SPONSORED!

Education Sponsorship Scheme:

Here comes little Bose in her School regalia...She is the little girl that helps her partially deaf momma...It's exciting to see her in school today amongst her peer.

BOSE goes to school...

Today, we got together with another single parent, a mum who has got our "GIRL" in her custody. Yes, she is got a cute four year old girl who has NEVER seen the four walls of a school. Due to the impoverish situation at home, Bose's mum who makes hair for a living, decides to keep her kids at home without any formal education until she has enough money to send them to school...Today, RSN visited Bose and her mum and we are glad to inform you that Bose would be fixed in school on Monday....Yeah! All expenses paid by RSN Friend.

Watch this space for more update on our little cutie pie...BOSE.  :)

It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and the hungry-looking. ~ Caesar

Say No to Bullying...

Trust your day has been good, best regards.
This is to briefly update you of one of our on-going projects #ProjectEseOghene. On Tuesday, we did receive the donation of N20, 000 from our Friend, Don McBurney from Northern Ireland and this brings the total sum of the Accommodation Project to N101, 500.

Till date, we have visited more than three places, but they are not conducive. Precisely on Tuesday we made the visit, with the kids from the school. As soon as we get a suitable place, we’d make the payment and sent a concluding report. Thank you for ALL you do. God bless you!

Child Bullying is one of the many things that young people face in school, neighborhood etc, It destroys self esteem and could make the victim commit abominable acts…join hands and let’s Say NO to every form of bullying; encouraging young people to stay away from it. It hurts…it truly does “ Tosin
Do have a terrific evening..
Resource Sharing Network Team @RSNetwork2