Say No to Bullying...

Trust your day has been good, best regards.

This is to briefly update you of one of our on-going projects #ProjectEseOghene. On Tuesday, we did receive the donation of N20, 000 from our Friend, Don McBurney from Northern Ireland and this brings the total sum of the Accommodation Project to N101, 500.

Till date, we have visited more than three places, but they are not conducive. Precisely on Tuesday we made the visit, with the kids from the school. As soon as we get a suitable place, we’d make the payment and sent a concluding report. Thank you for ALL you do. God bless you!

Child Bullying is one of the many things that young people face in school, neighborhood etc, It destroys self esteem and could make the victim commit abominable acts…join hands and let’s Say NO to every form of bullying; encouraging young people to stay away from it. It hurts…it truly does “ Tosin

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