The e-village Concept

Some lines of thoughts on the #e-VillageConcept

Exciting phonecall from a software company who are willing to give away their education software products and also install these products on available Computer systems provided by the school...#E-learning #PromotingEducation. #ExcitedTosin...can't wait.!
..not everyone knows the challenges faced by students in public schools and why we are so passionate about reaching out to them. Yes, a very good percentage do not have access to the computer, until they are out of High School. Unlike their counterparts in Private Schools that have easy access....E-learning is pretty new to students in public schools...but never to kids in Private schools who are well equipped and encouraged to get a laptop at tender age. it nothing to bother about that the educational gap gets wider? :( A good number do not pass in their POST JAMB examination, not because they aren't brilliant, but because of the use of computer systems involved, right? yeah!
And, with our e-village concept we hope to set up Education Resource Centre in the neighbourhood for the disadvantaged kids to have easy access to the computers, free. We are collating used and unused computer systems, laptops etc. for this project, already. Today we got a donated laptop...however, we hope to get some more! Care to donate some? Sure we'd inscribe names of donor etc. on the systems. Let's do this together for our young people...:) #E-VillageConcept

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