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Breaking News: :D :D

Today, another child resumed school :) She got a Sponsor.

She is a cute 5year old girl named, Blessing. Unfortunately, Blessing was forced to stop her primary education, since last year when her parent could not afford the bills anymore, especially due to some other pressing needs such as homelessness. Today, it was exciting to watch little Blessing, giggle and smile beautifully in her new school regalia. It was phenomenal.
Huge admiration to our Friends and Sponsors. Together, we are making necessary impact, raising hope of the disadvantaged child. Really, it truly doesn't get any better than to having terrific individuals who share similar passion, dreams and objectives. People who are willing to be the CHANGE they want to see. Thank You!
A Child to a Sponsor, A Child to a Mentor.... that is how it works...we do the pairing. :)
Yep! Just a quick to everyone, anyone reading this...:) Pls, do not hesitate to contact us if you really would love to sponsor a child's education, w…

A Bold Step: Another Child is Off Street...

This season, we are sponsoring another child to school off the street of Lagos! Pls, welcome our lovely friend who takes a bolder step to start school at age 10. :). He lost his dad some nine years back. And, has truly been on the street selling stuffs with his mama.
Pls, welcome Sadiq!
Once again, Special thanks To Friends & Sponsors. We appreciate every kind gestures and donations.
Please, do not hesitate to support our cause, it truly means so much to us. Thanks for everything. Do have a pleasant weekend.:)

Letter of Appreciation.

Dear Donor, We are writing to express our deepest thanks for your unusual support and donation to Resource Sharing Network. Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission. With your faithful financial contributions over the years, you have demonstrated your deep commitment to our work of providing basic education for out of school children, registering young people for national examinations, youth mentorship and empowerment scheme etc.  Your support has repeatedly played a key role in our success in getting kids off street back to school; reducing illiteracy and making young people pursue their academic goals in higher institutions. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your loyalty. We at Resource Sharing Network are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like yourself who answer the call to give again and again. We appreciate you. Thank YOU. God bless. Sincerely, Deborah Osazuwa Programme Man…

We want to Read From YOU, too!

Why is #Education important to #Children & what age is MOST appropriate for a #Child 2start school? #Africa @WorldEd

The photograph shows the home to one of our sponsored girls. Like others, she's been so used to staying at home until we sought her out..and enrolled her into a good school. Today, we received her bill for next academic session and sure, a Sponsor got her back!

RSN is committed to pairing a needy child to matured adult and responsible young professionals who are willing to sponsor their academic programs. Thanks to every SPONSOR, always!

Thank you for reading :)
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Due to clash between WAEC Examination dates with Computer Based Test (CBT) dates, the JAMB CBT examination is now May 18th to June 1st, 2013. All affected candidates shall receive SMS and Email notifications. Candidates are advised to reprint their Registration Slips from 18th April, 2013 to know the new dates. This change affects only the CBT as date for the pencil and paper tests remains unchanged.

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Appreciation Letter from A School Beneficiary to RSN..

The management, staff, parents & pupils of LOCAL GOVERNMENT PRY SCHOOL, IKOLA write to THANK YOU immensely 4 your Kindness & Love to the entire school 4 making us one of the beneficiaries of your dynamic youth-based initiative int'l programs.

It has really made our pupils very HAPPY and PROUD as the news spreads among our over 400 parents in over eight communities in our area. consequently, more & more children may likely join us next term by May 6 2013 God willing MANY THANKS & GOD BLESS YOU MA

Alhaji Salawu
School Head/Administrator

Our donation of educational items and provision of water system seems to be having a ripple effect, already. Thanks to our friends and Sponsors. God Bless!

When the Kids Came A-Visiting...#ResourceCentre

Hey! we truly need some fans...probably Air Conditioners in our little Centre.. We had the entire room filled up with young people this morning and it was almost stuffy! those kids were so excited to see computers! We hope to have some more sessions with them on the importance of technology, education.

AUTISM: Amazingly Unique, Totally Inspiring Sometimes Mysterious..

#GTBank Autism Week  The Annual Autism Seminar organised by GTBank was held on the 8th and 9th of April at the MUSON Center, Victoria Island. It was a fantastic place to be not just for those who have kids with special needs but for e v e r y o n e. We truly cannot overemphasise the importance of having the right information, and good awareness of public health issues such as this. It was a good awareness. Undoubtedly, managing children with autism is a different ball game however most parents in rural areas do not understand this, hence sometimes, they see them as irrelevant kids, or kids possesed with some demons. Recently, we had a case of a 7-8year old boy who exhibits most of the traits as discussed however, his single mama has not been able to assist him so well because she lacks good information. Mama does not know anything about autism. In recent weeks, this little boy was taken to a church for 30days fasting and prayer... probably for deliverance session because of his special…

The #e-Village Concept: Exciting Update.

It is Amazing that in the past few weeks we have been able to:

-Get a location for our e-village concept (a public resource centre for young people)...somewhere very close to two public schools (target audience) -Pay some Rental bill :) -Get some Furniture, rug, board etc -Fill up the place with donated Computers(2) and literature books (more than 50pieces) -get donated e-Study Cards (8copies).
What next..?

-We need some more Computers, BookShelves, Chairs, Educational Software CDs, and educationalitems for young people. #MaterialDrive.
Thanks to Friends for the impact. Thanks to Mrs. Faloju, Mr. Olaniyi, Mrs. Tolu, Ms. Kujenya for the recent donation. Huge Appreciation to Mrs. Uzezi and HremSoft for making this possible..too. It is well appreciated...Thank you for impacting lives through us~ :), Huge Appreciation, always to everyone who has been a part of our outreaches...thank you SO much. RSN? It's still All about the disadvantaged YoungPeople! Sincerely,

RSN Team

The Candle.

It is a beautiful morning and we wish you a pleasant day and week ahead. Thank you SO much for your continous support towards the disadvantaged young people. It truly doesn't get any better than having awesome, supportive individuals who share in our objectives, investing in the future of younger generations. Really, YOU have been awesome. We appreciate you for everything! yes, e v e r y t h i n g. Thank You!

The month of April is pretty loaded with much tasks and events and we just want to drop off a few of them at your post :D Firstly, two of our sponsored youths in private school, have started the 2013 African Senior Seconday School Certificate examination (WASSCE). Also, on the 27th April, Six sponsored candidates shall be writing the Unified Tertirary Matriculation Examination (UTME, JAMB). A Zillion thanks to everyone for making this possible for young people..
This week, other RSN Sponsored kids in Primary Education(5) and Secondary would be vacating school for Second Term b…

Our thoughts..

Our good thoughts and wishes are with One of our terrific Girls Mentors & Education Sponsor. He's been awesome. Yesterday, he relocated to another Country and he'd be gone for a long time. Till late at night, we were at the airport with one of the beneficiaries and Mentees, to wish him well in his endeavours and to take some photographs :D
Yeah! We'd always appreciate his gestures. He is a true friend, a committed Donor and Mentor. Thank you, Mr. Ef.
Thank You

Success Wishes.

This morning our thoughts and wishes are with every students writing WAEC & JAMB examinations, especially on our sponsored students. They are eight in number. We wish them GoOd SuCcEsS in their exams!
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RSN revisited School to fill up Water Tank for Kids' Use...

It was an exciting time this morning as we revisited the community school as promised to fill their water tank that was donated by Resource Sharing Network for the kids' use, last week. Today. We fulfilled the promise and filled up every available water vacuum with water for children use. Special thanks to friends for the support. Thank YOU!

Photograph shows Tosin Taiwo with some selected kids for photo shoot with the donated water tank etc.
Photograph shows the Executive Director of Resource Sharing Network, Tosin Taiwo, etc.; with some officials of the Community Primary School, Oke Odo. Lagos State