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AUTISM: Amazingly Unique, Totally Inspiring Sometimes Mysterious..

#GTBank Autism Week
 The Annual Autism Seminar organised by GTBank was held on the 8th and 9th of April at the MUSON Center, Victoria Island. It was a fantastic place to be not just for those who have kids with special needs but for e v e r y o n e. We truly cannot overemphasise the importance of having the right information, and good awareness of public health issues such as this. It was a good awareness.
Undoubtedly, managing children with autism is a different ball game however most parents in rural areas do not understand this, hence sometimes, they see them as irrelevant kids, or kids possesed with some demons.
Recently, we had a case of a 7-8year old boy who exhibits most of the traits as discussed however, his single mama has not been able to assist him so well because she lacks good information. Mama does not know anything about autism. In recent weeks, this little boy was taken to a church for 30days fasting and prayer... probably for deliverance session because of his special behaviours.  We think it's high time this little boy's moma understood what autism is all about and how to interact with her son. She needs to know that children with autism are Always Unique, Totally Amazing, Sometimes Mysterious...:)
Huge appreciation to GTBank for such an awesome event. It was worth attending. Weldone you!

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