The #e-Village Concept: Exciting Update.

It is Amazing that in the past few weeks we have been able to:

-Get a location for our e-village concept (a public resource centre for young people)...somewhere very close to two public schools (target audience)
-Pay some Rental bill :)
-Get some Furniture, rug, board etc
-Fill up the place with donated Computers(2) and literature books (more than 50pieces)
-get donated e-Study Cards (8copies).
What next..?

-We need some more Computers, BookShelves, Chairs, Educational Software CDs, and educational items for young people. #MaterialDrive.
Thanks to Friends for the impact. Thanks to Mrs. Faloju, Mr. Olaniyi, Mrs. Tolu, Ms. Kujenya for the recent donation. Huge Appreciation to Mrs. Uzezi and HremSoft for making this possible..too. It is well appreciated...Thank you for impacting lives through us~ :), Huge Appreciation, always to everyone who has been a part of our outreaches...thank you SO much.
RSN? It's still All about the disadvantaged YoungPeople!

RSN Team

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