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Happy Children's Day!

This day as always, our kind thoughts and prayers are with the street kids, the missing children, the orphans, and every young people out there. They are beautiful. We wish them well. We wish them greatness. 
We wish them, home.
Happy Children's Day!
RSN Team

young reader...

Over the past couple of days, we have had young people visit our e-Resource Centre to read books, learn some computer skills etc. Here comes another young friend, who read and could summarize 'the fallen curtain' by Ruth Randell's in few hours... He got a hot brain..!!! #youngPeopleAreTerrific

The Big News..

Hoping you are having a good day at work.. We wish you every good thing that your heart desires..! Thank you for being there.
We just want to let you know that today, we got another student enrolled for some Engineering and Networking Skills at a Computer Training School in Ishaga, Iju area.. Fully Sponsored. We want to appreciate everyone who made this possible. Thank you!

Attached herewith are some photographs of interest. ;)  The first one shows some copies of the Film we received from our friend and Actor. Once again, our appreciation goes to Bara Production etc. *winks*. Thank you! We hope it impacts everyone who watches the movies. The second photograph shows some three young men (in theBigNews) who showed up at our Resource Centre yesterday so as to acquire some skills and have access to books. They would be with us for the next three months...!

The Big News really is that the 2013 GCE Application form is out...and we hope to support 15young people to register fo…

It's really exciting working with parents of young people.

It's been awesome meeting with parents of young people, who share great interest in the education of their children. Here comes Samson and his mum..x Yeah! one of our best moments is working with parents, and talking all about young's the best chat...;)

Donated Films...for Youths..Thank You to BARA Production!!!!!!!

Just a quick one, pls....this week we received some eighty (80) copies of a youth-centric film from Mr. Femi Bolorunde. He is an Actor, Movie Producer and a Class Act! Truly, He has been of tremendous help to our youth cause..., especially, when we needed to ship some donated educational items received from Don McBurney from the UK to Nigeria....he willing offered an helping -TWICE. Wow! Thank you so much sir for everything.
To every fan and friend of RSN..We thank for the great impact you are making through us... we wouldn't have asked for more passionate, understanding friends. Thank you for your enormous support. It means so much to us, all.
Do have a fabulous week ahead!

Does God still answer prayers?

Does God still answer prayers? Does he really care when a little child talks to Him?
Certainly, a resounding YES! answer would you get from our little friend and 5year old Blessing. She is a recent beneficiary of the RSN Primary Education Sponsorship Scheme. Perhaps, when we visited her home some weeks back, trying to get more details about the little girl whose parent could not afford her school fee anymore and has been out-of-school since last year...we were practically working in response to a little girl's prayer! J
Listening to her mum talk so much about her today was so exciting and inspiring. Blessing is happy to go back to school. She is really happy, she says. "We go to church every week, just early enough to clean up everywhere and after this exercise I would ask Blessing to ask God for a favor, and oftentimes her prayer request would be-God I want to go to school"  She says this often especially when she sees other kids go to school. However, it’s a different st…

Happy Mothers' Day!!!

...Today, I have read SO many beautiful updates about different mothers and I have been so tempted to say a few things too about ma mere... Do you really want to meet my mother!?? LOL.
I wouldn't bore you with many details....But, if there is one thing she does so well and I am inspired, It is that she is SO GENEROUS. There have been times when she would phonecall and say "Tosin, there are some kids in the neighborhood, roaming the streets, how do we get them back to school? What is your org. going to do about them?! Sometimes, she would assist these kids, and other times, she would tell me, Yes, let's do something about this child education ..." And, even if I say, mum we've got no enough funds to send more kids to school... She wouldn't give in...!!!
And, there have been times we would visit the homes of these kids/youth, driving through some rugged path , TOGETHER... just to acquit with these needy kids. Truly, she's been a great inspiration. She cares…

Operational Youth Centre..

Young people showing up at our e-village Centre...reading books, asking questions. Awwh! She read 5books in few hours..x good to have her around, today. 
On the bookshelf, we have got some books donated to us by some Authors such as Uzezi Adesite, Emmanuel Isibor and friends -Tina Utoro, Don McBurney!
A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of this cause. Thank You. We are hoping to get a bigger book stand for some more collections :) Yes! before our friends finish reading up all of the collections we've got..:D
Let the children, read..

Street To School Project...continues. x

Bose Resumes School...

This week, one of our beneficiaries, Bose resumes school for second academic term. Huge thanks to RSN friend -Ms. Oyinda for the sponsorship. Thank you for everything you do. God bless..

Yeah! Bose is looking pretty cool in her class, seems shes's got her mouth and hands filled, already. x x

Sending Prayers Up For Our Mentors...

..This weekend, A Mentee Wanted to Know What Could Be Wrong With His Mentor Since He Hasn't Been Picking His PhoneCalls, Of Recent, Nor Respond To Text Messages.. Really, This Is One of The Absolutely Terrific Mentors That We'Ve Got. He Has Been Amazing!
However, The Truth With Every Mentor Is That They Are Not Exempted From Swimming With The Sharks, Fighting Some Life's Battle, Having Low Moments Because They Are Also Humans. #Respect'em #Pray4Them.
So Today, We're Sending Some Prayers Up For Everyone Of Them. They Have Committed So Much...May God Be Gracious & Merciful Unto You, Always. And, May Your Path Be Filled With Good Blessings, Great Joy, Pleasant Expectations, Good Health, Better Jobs In Jesus Name. Amen. #We'dAlwaysLoveYOU. :) FromAllOfUsInRSN :D

Lord Pls Bless Every Child's Mentor. They've Been So Kind, Sharing Their Time, Money, Resources.. Just To See Other Kids Succeed. Pls, Reward Them Bountifully..:)

And the Search, Continues...

The search for out-of-school kids has been ongoing since we got some individuals already who are willing to get paired to children who need sponsorship back to school.
Words alone cannot truly express our gratitude to our friends and children sponsors. Thank you very much.
Today, we went further into a rural community in alimosho local government area, searching them out. Eventually, we got a handful of them :)
Education is a right. No child should be left out. Better late than never is our watchword :)
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