Does God still answer prayers?

Does God still answer prayers? Does he really care when a little child talks to Him?

Certainly, a resounding YES! answer would you get from our little friend and 5year old Blessing. She is a recent beneficiary of the RSN Primary Education Sponsorship Scheme. Perhaps, when we visited her home some weeks back, trying to get more details about the little girl whose parent could not afford her school fee anymore and has been out-of-school since last year...we were practically working in response to a little girl's prayer! J
Listening to her mum talk so much about her today was so exciting and inspiring. Blessing is happy to go back to school. She is really happy, she says. "We go to church every week, just early enough to clean up everywhere and after this exercise I would ask Blessing to ask God for a favor, and oftentimes her prayer request would be-God I want to go to school"  She says this often especially when she sees other kids go to school. However, it’s a different story now as Blessing is fully enrolled in school..and all expenses paid by a Sponsor! Find Photograph Attached.

This mail is to duly extend huge gratitude from Blessing's mum and all of us to You and YOU for the efforts. Thank you for keeping hope alive and for being an answer to a little girl’s prayer! :)

Thank You Very Much.

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