simply terrific..

...chatting with a young man this morning until about 1:00am, wasn't an issue...cos he had me all-smiles with his questions...etc He really wanted to know if there's any college that would take a D7 in English Language. He wants to study Accounting! He has repeatedly written his exams without a credit in English. In his words: "I can't afford to stay home this year again"

"Any hope for me, ma?"

Although, he wrote another WAEC exams this year and he is awaiting his results, but it seems he's lost hope, already!...But, we wouldn't. We are believing God for a miracle!

What got me all-smiles while chatting to him was because, this is one student who graduated from one of the High schools we repeatedly visited for our youth seminar in 2011. He never associated with us then, maybe . But, he got our number and saved it up for more than 2years after graduation! He was chatting to us for the first time this morning. Wow!

Young people are amazing! You never can tell when they would need your number....just give(sow) it away..

He reminds me of Simeon who called some 2years after too and in late midnight!...and, all he wanted to know was "if it was right to keep a girlfriend, when it seems he was the odd one amongst his peers. Sure, the peer pressure was huge on him. #YoungPeopleAreTerrific; #GodBlessYoungPeople; #GodBlessYouToo.

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