Speaking Opportunity. Sponsorship Request...More Updates!

We are happy to inform you that today we did attend School OPEN DAY event for one of our sponsored kids (Sadiq). Tomorrow, we hope to attend another of Basit and Bose etc. It has truly been an exciting week inspecting the works of the kids etc. Kindly find attached some photographs of Sadiq and his handworks. Just like Basit, Sadiq is another cool-headed boy though, sometimes, he could be pretty shy however, and his eagerness to learn is great! He writes clearly, has good interest in mathematics...still trying to fully understand and speak English Language. He is eager to learn. 

A brief Intro..Sadiq (he is seated on the right) has been a street boy, and hawker of fruits for some time now and even after school hours, the mum still sends him off to street to hawk oranges. Howbeit, in order to help him better, the teacher has decided to delay Sadiq in school until 5:30pm daily, so he could have some good time to revise and study more. He is doing pretty well. #FantasticStep :D

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On July 3rd and 10th, we have some Speaking slots with High School Students in Ipaja Area, Lagos. ARE YOU INTERESTED in having some motivational sessions with High School Students. Please, let us know, so we could add you on. It's the Project: 'YouAreBetterThanYouThink' . The School building might look funny, (Photograph attached) but they've got some great young people in there! Let's make some impact. #SpeakingOpportunity! 

P:S The GCE Application form is due 7th July, 2013. Already, we have received donation of N10,500 from Mrs. O.J. Thank you SO much, Madame!!! We hope to initiate the registration process this week Friday. Pls, let us know if you are willing to sponsor a child, too. Thank you! 

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