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Sponsored Kid Got Double Promotion..

Deadline for the online registration of the 2013 GCE is only 2 days away... and, we have sponsored 9 students, already... despite the fact that the examination fee for this year was pretty expensive. (N10, 500 per child). We do express our profound gratitude to God for the opportunity and to all our friends and sponsors for the push-ups. Thank you so very much. PS: The GCE Sponsorship Scheme is a branch of the RSN -Education Sponsorship Scheme. It got started in year 2010...when we sponsored Twenty One (21) students. In 2011...we sponsored nine (9)...In 2012 we did sponsor seventeen (17) and here again...we have nine promising young people...ready to take the examinations. We wish them the best preparation..and results. Thank you our friends.. May God bless the works of your hands, always... :#EveryPennyCounts In the main news, one of our Street2School kids (SADIQ) has received DOUBLE promotion, from Nursery 1 - Primary 1...instead of Nursery 2. He got an aggregate of 95.8%. Do have a…

Another Child's Got A Sponsor? Yes..

Good Day, It is a very cool evening from here. We are hoping that you had a fantastic day at work, too! Thank you for all you do for young people. Truly, we would not have been able to achieve much without your great support. It means so much to us all, Thank you. God Bless you, always! Just A Quick Update, Please Thus far, we have registered 9 (qualified) less privileged students for the 2013 GCE. And, we have one slot left. Our zillion thanks to YOU -Mr. S.A & Mrs. ‘Anonymous’ for the huge Support! It makes a whole lot of difference. Tomorrow, some of our sponsored kids would be having their End-of-Session party. We hope to send you some update. Interestingly, one of them is in the drama group.. We just learnt that little Blessing would be acting the role of a Nurse tomorrow! Woohooo!!  :D
PS: Blessing is the 5years Old little girl who got a Sponsor (Mr. Belo) some few months back.

Senator Yerima Advocating Child Marriage..

For some few days now, we have had some forms of protest against the recent bill that was passed into law in our Country. A bill which advocates Child-Marriage. While the Chief Advocate for this law has been Senator Yerima. It is truly disturbing that young people, especially the Girl Child may be denied their childhood forever... I still cannot imagine the rationale behind giving out the hand of a CHILD as young as 9 years old out in marriage.This is insane! The article below was the response of Senator Yerima to why he advocated for under-age Marriage, do you think he is right, enough?
SENATOR AHMED SANI YARIMAN BAKURA REPLIES HIS ENEMIES ''Nigeria has many uncountable problems and none of them is early marriage. As a matter of fact early marriage the solution to about half of our problems. For those who wonder if I can give my daughter(s) out in marriage at the age of 9 or 13, I tell you most honestly, I can give her out at the age of 6 if I want to and its not your business…

Some Out-of-School Children...Care to Sponsor their education? :)

We enroll kids in Private Schools for some quality education. And the estimated 
School Bill for A full Academic Session (One year) is N100, 000 or $670. This could be split out per term (N35, 000) per term. We encourage sponsors to sponsor a child for at least the first two years, as this would assist the child's concentration and stability. Pls let us know if you would love to sponsor a child.. Thank you!

For further information and sponsorship details kindly send mail to

more children really need to go to school. Like these young friends of ours..

And, Yet Another Prestigious Award

On the night of July 10th, 2013. Tosin Taiwo, Founder of the Resource Sharing Network received a meritorious award from the Christian Association of Nigeria, Alimosho Chapter for her role in promoting education and education sponsorship programmes.

Thank you, C.A.N

Academic Talk Show Update with Photographs..

Academic Talkshow… Hope you had a pleasant day at work... Wishing you a very pleasant weekend, good health and great things you desire... Thanks for all you do. This mail was supposed to be a brief report of the youth programme we had yesterday, however, it seems an epistle, already…J We hope you would enjoy reading it as much as we did. We just had to bring it to you as it is…awesome!

One word to truly describe the July 10th event was ‘wow’! It simply was a wow experience as we stormed Estate Grammar School, Command area in Oke-Odo LGA, Lagos state for an Academic Talkshow –“YouAreBetterThanYouThink!”. As always, we were fully kitted with successful individuals who were willing to share their stories to inspire greatness in young people. Once again, we use this opportunity to extend our heart-felt gratitude to God for a successful event and to our Guest Speakers for their selflessness. Thank you for visiting our "villa". A truly underserved area/school. …

For Your E.V.Support..

... Last year, a lady came to us; she was practically a 'house-help' with a family in Lagos. And, she was so desirous to write the examination last year. She didn't mind the distance to our office...she came down with her Madam's 3-4year-old baby. At first, we felt reluctant because it seems she had her hands filled already.
On Friday, listening to her speak was so inspiring.. exciting... Yes! She made her outstanding papers in the exam and now an undergraduate student (Part-time) in Yaba College of Technology.
This morning, we had a 17years old young man visit us at the Resource Centre.. He needed to know if we could get him the GCE form, also! From our conversation, this is one young man who was moved from a high-brow private school to a public one some years ago when Daddy lost his job...and, eventually his dad died some weeks back. At such a young age, he looks strong, courageous despite the loss of loved one.. However, the inspiring thing about him is …

Career TalkShow for High School Students!

In a couple of days we shall be hosting over three hundred young people from High Schools on Career Guide. We have exciting Speakers from Standard Chartered Bank, MickChem Global Service, Guinness etc!
Sure, it is going to be mind-blowing and explosively educative!!!!
Watch this space!!!!!
"You Are Better Than You Think"!

Festival of Educational Items!!!!!!

At the beginning of a New Academic Term in September, last year...we donated thousand of notebooks, schoolbags, sandals etc to kids in underserved areas... Lagos State.
This year, we are willing to donate some more educational items to the kids.
To Partner with us for this Initiative, Kindly send us a mail via We really want to reach more children in need. Thanks to Our Sponsors, Donors and Friends. #CountDown 82Days
Special Thanks to United Parcel Service and A Ray of Hope and Many other terrific individuals for the support! Thank You...

Youth Engagement Project: July 10th 2013

Happy New Month, Friend!

Today, it is less than 8days to our next event for High School
Students in Ipaja area, Lagos State.. It's a Motivational
Talkshow/Career Seminar and we have Speaking Opportunity for 5
Professionals, Pls. Preferably in Banking Sector, Engineering,
Administration, Computer Science etc. Our aim is to raise generations
of purpose-driven youth.

Date: July 10th, 2013. Time: 1pm - 3pm.

Kindly reply this mail if you are willing to have a date with young
people!!! We would appreciate your response for further planning and
preparation, pls.

PS: Huge Shout Out to our GCE Registration Sponsors! Thank YOU!!!

Do have a Pleasant New Month..filled with pleasant surprises. :)

Thank You for all you do.

RSN Team

GCE Registration Exercise

Today, we had a full house of young people who needed to register for the 2013 GCE examination but could not afford it due to different reasons and circumstances...such as loss of parent, lack of funds etc. It has been awesome meeting with young people...meeting education needs!!!!!