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Academic Talk Show Update with Photographs..

Academic Talkshow…
Hope you had a pleasant day at work... Wishing you a very pleasant weekend, good health and great things you desire... Thanks for all you do.
This mail was supposed to be a brief report of the youth programme we had yesterday, however, it seems an epistle, already…J We hope you would enjoy reading it as much as we did. We just had to bring it to you as it is…awesome!

One word to truly describe the July 10th event was ‘wow’! It simply was a wow experience as we stormed Estate Grammar School, Command area in Oke-Odo LGA, Lagos state for an Academic Talkshow –“YouAreBetterThanYouThink!”. As always, we were fully kitted with successful individuals who were willing to share their stories to inspire greatness in young people.
Once again, we use this opportunity to extend our heart-felt gratitude to God for a successful event and to our Guest Speakers for their selflessness. Thank you for visiting our "villa". A truly underserved area/school. Thank you for the efforts. We appreciate your gestures.
The School event started at some minutes past One o’clock and was well attended by over 300 students with School officials. It was truly a mind-blowing session to talk about the importance of Education as we had terrific friends of RSN as Guest Speakers.
We had Mrs. Sola Adeyemi from GUINESS, who spoke on Self-Esteem and encouraged the youth to believe in themselves, love themselves and be mindful of every decision they take when confronted with challenges etc. She buttressed her points with some personal experiences. It truly was a heart-to-heart discussion.
The next Speaker was Mr. Michael Unegbu, the C.E.O of MickCHEM Global Services. As an Engineer, he did not hesitate to discuss the prospect in engineering and the importance of education in this dispensation. He inspired the youth to discover their talent and believe in their abilities. They should love their teachers etc. He also shared some successful personal stories to motivate young people. It was mind blowing.
The Chief Guest Speaker was Mr. Teslim Belo-Osagie, Head Client Coverage Generalists, Standard Chartered Bank. He spoke extensively on the need for young people to be hardworking, focused and purpose-driven. And to drive home his points he spoke in some low level languages. :D Yes, he spoke so fluently in Pidgin language…as this seems to be the best language understood by the students thus, they paid rapt attention throughout the session. It was explosive, absolutely!
Just before the close of event, we had some special session to learn entrepreneurship from Mr. Olufemi Omotayo, C.E.O of EntrepreNEWS.  He did so well by showing up to talk about this subject matter despite his busy schedule for same day. Thank you!
Other activities of the day were: donation of educational gift items to some best students from various classes, also donations of 50 copies of the ‘Faith to Kill’ movie donated to us by another friend of RSN -Mr. Femi Bolorunde (Actor/Producer).
Truly, we had SO much fun. It was such an exciting, educative moment. Huge appreciation to ALL Guest Speakers for ‘traveling’ the distance! We appreciate you. Special thanks also to Mrs. Taiye Faloju (Standard Chartered Bank). You are such an Angel. Thank you for sponsoring the event/refreshment. Thank you for your priceless support, always!
Kindly find attached some photographs. Happy Viewing..:)
P.S: Next School Outreach comes up in December.
Resource Sharing Network Team 

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