Monday, July 8, 2013

For Your E.V.Support..

... Last year, a lady came to us; she was practically a 'house-help' with a family in Lagos. And, she was so desirous to write the examination last year. She didn't mind the distance to our office...she came down with her Madam's 3-4year-old baby. At first, we felt reluctant because it seems she had her hands filled already.

On Friday, listening to her speak was so inspiring.. exciting... Yes! She made her outstanding papers in the exam and now an undergraduate student (Part-time) in Yaba College of Technology.


This morning, we had a 17years old young man visit us at the Resource Centre.. He needed to know if we could get him the GCE form, also! From our conversation, this is one young man who was moved from a high-brow private school to a public one some years ago when Daddy lost his job...and, eventually his dad died some weeks back. At such a young age, he looks strong, courageous despite the loss of loved one.. However, the inspiring thing about him is his faith, he said.. "I don't have anything to say, but to thank God".


Truly, we have met with thousands of students...but, there's so much about this guy that inspires. He is e x c e p t I o n a l l y different. He is intelligent. Well knowledgeable. Confident. Courageous. Willing to climb the academic ladder which his father couldn't climb...despite a Master Degree Holder. Young Caleb talked about the academic height his father aspired to gain...but couldn't. Some research works begging to be published etc... He aspires to do much more. We see a great mind in a young body.. #PerfectlyPurposeDriven. J

Okay, what if we have a greater percentage of our youths with such mind...seeing challenges as stepping stones, pressing on, regardless? Just thinking out loud..:). All these truly motivate us to reach out to more young people...they need it.


Youth Event

On Wednesday 10th day of July, we shall be hosting High School students of Estate Grammar School, Oke-Isagun, Alimosho Area to a Career Talkshow & Passing Examination Tips... Interestingly, we have got Mr. Teslim Belo-Osagie the Head Client Coverage Generalists, Standard Chartered Bank as our Chief Guest Speaker…with other terrific RSN Friends.


Thank YOU everyone for your Extremely Valuable Support.


It has been awesome. Absolutely!


God bless you. Amen.




Tosin Taiwo

Resource Sharing Network

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