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What we do?

What we do?

-Education Sponsorship Program for Out-of-school children. We Sponsor Basic Primary Education. Also, we pay examination bills, register disadvantaged young people for examinations such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, JAMB for FREE. #WeNeedSponsors

-Youth Mentoring Scheme: 6month mentoring Scheme for High School Students in Public Schools. #WeNeedVolunteerMentors.

-Youth Empowerment Scheme: We... train children in rural communities in some skills acquisition programmes. Also, we donate educational items to needy children in underserved areas. Items such as books, school bags, sandals, socks, crayon, stationaries, etc

Please, let us know if you would be willing to support a CHILD...every penny counts and is well appreciated.

BAGSWAP event & Donation of School Items::::::: September 2013

For Individual/Corporate Partnership & Support, Please Call Tosin on 0 8 0 3 4 0 9 3 2 8 7 or BB Pin: 2 A F 1 A 9 8 8!

Your donation could make us reach out to many more needy children out th…

A Candle.

A Candle loses NOTHING by lighting other Candle -James Keller

Another Prestigious Award for YOU Our Friend!

Wow! Yesterday, some of our Pioneer High School Mentees came a-visiting. The 2009 Set. And, It was so wonderful to see them...they were no longer the 'high school students' we used to know..they were grown..:) and, at present, they are in various Higher Institutions, pursuing some college Degrees in Engineering, Microbiology, Physics etc. Wow!

Good to know, also that they still maintain some relationship with their Mentors even after 4years..
Actually, they came to say 'THANK YOU' for the invaluable dedication, contribution and commitment to youth academics...
This is a special shout-out to them and to our Youth Mentors... Thank You for ALL you do!
PS: The award plaques may have the Founder's name boldly written on it, but 'underneath' are the names of everyone who has been a part of this youth cause. So, this is for you, too. Thank YOU! :)
Happy Week, Ahead.. Take Charge.. Be Optimistic, everything gonna be alright, Believe!

Training Other Kids While You Train Yours..?


Often times, I have had people asked me how I 'cope' with my Family and Many Youth Activities, etc ..:D

Other times, I wander how I get myself so immersed with all of the activities for out-of-school and in-school kids, TOO.. :D

Howbeit, the truth is that no matter how well we train up our own kids. One unruly Street Kid is enough to upturn a city...Yes! They are 'timely bombs' and HUGE threat to any sane society.

And, so for every ONE street kid we get back to's life saving, hoping it causes some ripple effect. Truly, It does not matter if all the funding we get in a year could send JUST ONE kid off street. What truly matters is that there is a reduction...gradually in some future menace.

Huge appreciation, always to all individuals and ORGANISATIONS committed to making impacts. Kudos, Gracias!

#FACTFILE: Nigeria still holds WORLD record of highest number of out-of-school kids. Together, we can do something about it..YES, WE CAN.


"BagSwap" Season 4!

...It is the Countdown to RSN "BagSwap Project..." And, we'd be distributing educational items to needy kids in Rural Communities/Schools. Please, let us know if you've got some gift items to donate to the kids. They would need SchoolBags, Notebooks, Pencils, Textbooks, StoryBooks, School Sandals, Crayon, Drawing Books etc

This comes up on 30th September, 2013  :). Please find attached photographs of last year BagSwap Event in Lagos, Nigeria.

PS: Please, let us know if you have some gift items for the kids.

Thank You!

Sincerely, RSN Team
...It's all about young people: Promoting education

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2013 WAEC Result of Sponsored Out-of-School Students.

This morning, we share with you the 2013 WAEC results of 2 Sponsored Out-Of-School students, Muraino Tijani and Joju Caleb, respectively! We received them barely 24hours ago.  Huge appreciation to Mrs. Tolu Ochonogor and Mrs. Bola Sanusi for paying their bills. God bless you, richly. God bless everyone..:) Muraino T
Economics C4
Geography Outstanding
English Language C4
Yoruba Language B3
Mathematics C5
Biology C5
Chemistry C6
 Physics C6

Joju C.
English Language C6
Yoruba Language C5
Mathematics C4
Agriculture Science C6
Biology C6
Chemistry E8
Physics C5
Economics D7

At present, while Joju has been enrolled into a Computer Engineering College for some 5month training programme, Tijani has resumed his Islamic College. Next Aspiration: These two young men hope to write the JAMB examination, next year. Once again, huge appreciation to everyone for the support. We appreciate you, always! RSN Team

Child Labour.

"Basic education is a crucial component of any effective effort to eliminate child labour. Studies indicate that child labour is associated with lower rates of school enrolment, higher drop-out rates, and lower academic performance"

This is so true, and #ChildLabour shouldn't be encouraged...however, how do we completely eradicate child labour especially in under developed nations where poverty looms and it is the survival of the fittest? How do we eradicate child labour in rural communities where children are let out to hawk around some products for some financial sustainability of the family. I don't support child labour..but, I am trying to see better alternative(s) that might replace child labour in these communities, or what do you think about child labour? :)

This issue is peculiar, because presently we have some 2 children on our sponsored lists who do this in order to support their families..:)

What is child labour to you..? :)…


For every out-of-School Child...doing menial jobs...begging for funds. There are Potentials begging to be explored..#1CHILD1Sponsor .

It's 40days to a new academic term and we are Optimistic.. #very. Give us a tweet if you would love to sponsor a child.." @RSNetwork2

Thank You.. :)

tHaNk YoU..

DailySpring Newspaper Publishes RSN Youth Event..

A Hearty Congratulations..

This week has been hectic with some registration exercise for our sponsored kids into summer school. Huge appreciation to our friends for the support. The photograph attached shows a beneficiary of our Primary Education Sponsorship Scheme. She is the little one who lives with her partially deaf single momma. Bose assists her mum a great deal.. She's been promoted to the next class. A hearty congratulations to all sponsored kids for a better academic performance and promotion unto their next classes.. We celebrate them, always..:)
Thank you very much, Myne Whitman. Your donation means so much to us.. God bless you, always!

Our Sponsors are the CHANGE AGENTS.


"Please I am interested in mentoring... particularly an orphan (I am sorry but I am particular about mentoring orphans, preferably a female (no feminism), just feel an urge to assist a young lady out there).

Thank you for creating this platform(RSN), you are helping us fulfill purpose".

RSN -It's all about young people. #Mentoring #Sponsorship #Empowerment..And, our Sponsors, Mentors are the CHANGE MAKERS..Yes, YOU. :)