[Letter To A Volunteer Youth Mentor..:)]

Dear Mentor,

This morning, we received a 'Thank YOU' phone call from your Mentee - a young lady. And she was surprised that you have doubled the monthly stipend that you pay her.. She was so filled with excitement and appreciation for your support since the past one year. To her, your support has been awesome. Unbelievable! Unimaginable! You came into the picture when her hope of pursuing a University Degree was lost due to financial struggles, because momma could never afford such luxury nor her late dadda. Already, there was so much at the homefront to take care of.. But now, it is a different story, as you have consistently mentored and supported her..into furthering her education. Now, she is a prospective Undergraduate in one of the Universities in Nigeria.. #‎FullScholarship .

Aside, supporting/mentoring her and other students. You have given so much commitment, time. And, we can only ask God to bless you more for all you do. Likewise our appreciation goes to every other Mentors who have sacrificed so much and have been committed to rekindling hopes and making life meaningful for other children..all because they chose to pay it forward. Thank You Mentorsss. .

PS: Although, as much as we can, we DO NOT ask Mentors to be financially responsible for any child because we understand that mentorship in itself takes A LOT! However, we have got some individuals who are practically willing to go another mile. And, this is one of those miles and act that we cannot let go, unannounced, and unappreciated.

We appreciate E V E R Y O N E, always. Thanks. God bless.
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