NIGERIA: Happy Independence Day!

"when it is your birthday, regardless of your achievement or non-achievements, 
weight gained or loss, friends added or enemies subtracted..
You just want to feel good and be happy...feeling so blessed to be alive, regardless. Having great hope in the future that no matter what the present tells...
Things are still gonna be okay. 

Yes, I understand it was your day, yesterday...Dear Nation Nigeria
I am hoping you did try to have a good time, despite been reminded of your weaknesses by a huge lot.  I know how it feels. Howbeit, in the future lies strength, hope, greatness..knowing fully well that things would not be like this forever.

We have always believed in you and with God on our side, righteousness shall be restored. Peace regained and like a tree planted by the rivers of water...YOU shall bring forth fruits in your season. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. -Tosin Taiwo

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