Wednesday, March 27, 2013

RSN Donates Water Tank to a Local Government Primary School, Oke-Odo LGA.

...a very quick update, please.

RSN Donates Water Tank to a Local Government Primary School, Oke-Odo LGA.

Today, we responded to the need of a community Primary School, close to our Resource Centre. We got them a 1,500Litre Tank of Water. They needed this to store water for the children. Actually, the school is without ANY water system..
We are hoping that the school authority would regularly purchase water to fill up the tank for use, as they have promised to always do. Howbeit, on Tuesday, after Easter break, we would endeavour to fill up the tank for the kids. Yes, watch out for more exciting photograph on Tuesday. :). @

Find attached for photographs of the WaterProject and some remaining pictures of the BeAHero. :) :)

Thanks Everyone.'s still all about young people.

Monday, March 25, 2013

RSN makes Africa Impact Makers list.


Tosin Taiwo quit her job as a Software Programmer to focus in her humanitarian causes. She set up the Resource Sharing Network (RSN) in 2009; a non-governmental, youth-centric organization established to provide education for the disadvantaged young people. The organisation believes that education is a major leverage that enables one to aspire high in life and to successfully pursue one’s dream.

“Service (National Youth Service Corps) brought me much closer to the needy. I was particularly moved by the plights of the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). I saw how twisted life was and that had a great impact on me” She recounted. This passion earned her the award of ‘Overall Best Corp Member in 2006/2007’.

“I have always had the passion to serve and assist even before I went for service. After service, I went back to my software company and got connected to Idea Builders and enrolled in their Women Mentoring Women programme. That was where I was empowered enough to start my own non-governmental organisation.” So far, Tosin has remained dedicated to inspiring youths. Her foundation, Resource Sharing Network (RSN), tirelessly fundraises to encourage less-privileged young people to embrace education.

“You don’t need to have millions before you can help. The little you have that you do not use, you could pass it on and it would make a lot of difference in someone’s life. As an organisation, ours is to bring those resources together and make the world a better place and it has been fulfilling. Young people need all of the help they can get to stay strong, focused and excel. They need you to give them the gift of your support and mentorship.”
RSN is only about four years since establishment but has impacted several people, including moving a family to a better apartment; sponsoring students to take the JAMB examination; helped a little girl who supports her deaf mother to go to school, and many other projects. ‘We have had to ‘beg’ in public places to raise money to cater for the poor and those living with disabilities across Nigeria.’

According to Tosin: “The foundation is a dream come true. There are many problems in the world. Although we are a growing organization, our basic target is those that want to go to school without the means. We are motivated to do what we do because of the voiceless, young people out there on the street, from disadvantaged homes who crave to go back to school, but do not have the means. We want to build their enthusiasm towards education, regardless of their present hurdles and the difficulties faced by their parents.”
Resource Sharing Network ranks as one of the most impactful, prudent and accountable NGOs in Nigeria. The organisation addresses very impressively the famous challenges of insecurity and unpredictability in the evaluation of social interventions through the use of open financial accounting and administrative processes. No information on its activity is ever considered neither sensitive nor insignificant to be published for the public via newsletters and social media.

“Although the money may not be there, the reward and fulfilment one gets from helping people is priceless. Really, it’s been wonderful working with young people” She added.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's the World Water Day.

It's the World Water Day and we are celebrating it by donating a big water tank to a neighbouring community primary school in need of one. Do watch this space. :)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where Are the Computers..?

Here is our new place, an education resource centre open to young people in neighboring schools and communities who do not have prior knowledge of computing. It is a place to learn computer skills and have access to good books!

We have got some good literatures and a few computers..howbeit, we need some more for our youth! We really would appreciate every support we could get to make this project a huge success.

It's the e-village concept! Thanks to Friends who have shown interest and supported us. We appreciate you much more than we could ever experience. You've made some dreams come true through your unfeigned donations to our cause. Thank you SO much.

Now, where are the computers...? :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Bridges We Cross..

We got this mail today and It reminds us of bridges we have crossed...and still crossing in some areas!!!! :) These bridges are put in place by people who do not understand the vision that cause us to run while others are walking. The rejection, denial and sometimes humiliation that accompany some of our  request aren't enough to bring us down in our pursuit to fundraise and support the education programmes of the disadvantaged young people, because we know how much impact a little act of kindness could make...~

Hi TT dear,

Just wanna share this with you. On Tuesday, a young chap requested me to assist him with N27K to complete his Sch Fee. It came at a time I had supported my step-Mom towards her own Mom's burial coming up on Sat. So, I asked a few friends to help. When I saw stories & excuses given, I felt, Wow, how does Tosin cope?

Remember, I once told you why I slowed down with MM activities? People act as if they are the ones feeding you once you asked for help. I just share this with you to give you kudos dear. I salute your courage.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks to our dear writer for the push ups..:D And, huge admiration to everyone who has made our sojourn impactful. Thank you, awesomely..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Visit to A Public Primary School, Their Needs.

One of our destinations today was visit to a neighboring Public Primary School. We met with over 400 #children.

We met with terrific #children from disadvantaged homes, whose parents cannot afford the good education as obtained in Private Schools.

These are kids who inspire us to keep doing what we have the ardent passion for - Meeting basic education needs of the disadvantaged child.

The 'touchy' moment was when the Head Teacher of School, ask us to provide some Water Tanks and First Aid Equipments for the kids!..

They come to school but do not have access to good drinking water because d water tank has been broken, and no one was going to replace it. #children

More than 45% are without textbooks...And you really are amazed at the quality of education that is provided by the government. #children

This is the plight of #children in Under served areas. Photo shows side view of the school. Kids in a rented apartment as school.

These kids need some notebooks, textbooks, dettols, firstaids, educational items, Water tank.. Some of them got NO uniforms...too. To participate in our launch donation to this school. Kindly buzz Tosin on BB 2152A06F or send us a mail:

Be the ChAnGe! Make a Difference...:)Make a Child smile some more..

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bill Clinton To Answer Your Twitter Questions At Global Education Forum In Dubai

Sharing an interesting article from the Huffingtonpost! We really need an overhauling in the education system, especially in underserved countries..

Read on:

Bill Clinton To Answer Your Twitter Questions At Global Education Forum In Dubai

A forum this week is bringing together global leaders to tackle education solutions for the approximately 139 million children who are missing out on schooling worldwide.

During the inaugural Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai March 14-17, world leaders including Bill Clinton and Tony Blair will be discussing private-public partnerships to improve education equity.

Former President Clinton will deliver the keynote address and will answer questions from Twitter in partnership with Varkey GEMS Foundation, a nonprofit that empowers underserved children worldwide, for which he serves as honorary chairman. Clinton, who tackles global education issues through his Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation, has long stressed the need for providing greater education opportunities.

The global forum will cover topics including new technologies, technical and vocational education and solutions to pressing issues such as empowering girls. Attending world leaders have stressed the power of education-related public-private partnerships as a means to stability.

The Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova said in a release: "Global companies have their global interests. But there is something new coming about, and that's the common understanding that it's in the private sector's interest that people are well educated.

The Varkey GEMS Foundation CEO Vikas Pota has called for a disruption in education in a similar way global heath issues such as polio have been tackled by NGOs. Pota wrote in a blog:

"The overwhelming evidence points to the inability or motivation of governments to challenge the status quo. Are NGO's able to leverage their expertise?"

The Global Education and Skills Forum is in partnership with organizations including UNESCO, the UAE Ministry of Education and the Varkey GEMS Foundation.

Huffington Post Impact is a media partner for the Global Education and Skills Forum. Impact will exclusively live stream the event Friday, March 17 at 10:45 a.m. EST. Tweet #AskClinton to have your question considered, and follow @GemsEducation for updates.
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

e-Village Concept: Our Wishlist...

We need some computers and furniture to set up our Resource Centre for kids/youth in rural areas. Would you help us please.  Kindly revert by sending a mail to rsnnigeria @ Thank you in anticipation.

e-Village Concept: Bridging the educational gap between kids from advantaged and disadvantaged homes...tackling technology challenge. Wouldn't you rather help us...? We would appreciate it awesomely!!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Great Quotes!

Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved. -Barbra Johnson

No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you. -Althea Gibson

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Learning and Environment...

We don't have great money but we've got people with great minds, assisting our cause. Thank You!!!

Yesterday, we did pay the house rent for another of our sponsored child, because the single momma could not afford the initial huge sum that is required to get a home, they have lived in a nearby church for some years until this week when they would be relocating... We are constrained to do this, because we understand the importance of good environment to learning.

Thanks to all of our members, we appreciate you for making this happen.. Thank you.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

e-Village Concept.

The e-village concept brings technology into the village...for youth in under served areas to learn the basics of computing. It is an education Resource Centre for young people in rural areas, alimosho local government. Attached herewith is the second donated computer system that we have received for this cause. And we would need some more, please. kindly revert to our request by sending a mail to rsnnigeria @ Thank you in anticipation.

e-Village Concept: Bridging the educational gap between kids from advantaged homes and the disadvantaged!

On the 28th of February, 2013 we did receive a donated refurbished laptop (DELL) with some other educational items for our e-Village Concept. Find attached photograph.

Thanks to our Donor...We look forward to equipping our 'local' Education Resource Centre with some more Computers!

Our wishlist:
Desktop Computers 10

Printer 1

UPS 4 

Ear Phone 10 pieces

Telephone/Mobile Phone 15

Table & Desk 10 

Network Switch 8.

Network Cable 

Laptop 20.

Internet Connection/Host 

Literature Books 

Science Textbooks 

Art Books 

Accounting Books

Table & Desk 20 

Educational CDs 

Activity Table 

Wall Paints 

Curtain/Window Binds

Educational Charts