Friday, June 28, 2013


In the next few days, we shall be registering students for the 2013 GCE examination!
Do share this link with any disadvantaged but brilliant young people out there in Lagos, Nigeria, who need some push-ups! ;)

Pre-registration form to be filled can be accessed here CLICK

Thank YOU!

Featured Story of A Sponsored Child...

Bose is a 4year old little girl and a beneficiary of our Primary Education Sponsorship Scheme...she lives with her single momma who is partially deaf. The exciting thing about Bose is that for every time mama does not hear a neighbour's cal...l or greetings.. Bose does some re-echoing so she could hear. Sometimes she screams... wows like..."mommy won pe yin" It was such a delight to have Bose registered in school, this year. Huge Appreciation to her Sponsor...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Speaking Opportunity. Sponsorship Request...More Updates!

We are happy to inform you that today we did attend School OPEN DAY event for one of our sponsored kids (Sadiq). Tomorrow, we hope to attend another of Basit and Bose etc. It has truly been an exciting week inspecting the works of the kids etc. Kindly find attached some photographs of Sadiq and his handworks. Just like Basit, Sadiq is another cool-headed boy though, sometimes, he could be pretty shy however, and his eagerness to learn is great! He writes clearly, has good interest in mathematics...still trying to fully understand and speak English Language. He is eager to learn. 

A brief Intro..Sadiq (he is seated on the right) has been a street boy, and hawker of fruits for some time now and even after school hours, the mum still sends him off to street to hawk oranges. Howbeit, in order to help him better, the teacher has decided to delay Sadiq in school until 5:30pm daily, so he could have some good time to revise and study more. He is doing pretty well. #FantasticStep :D

Career TalkShow

On July 3rd and 10th, we have some Speaking slots with High School Students in Ipaja Area, Lagos. ARE YOU INTERESTED in having some motivational sessions with High School Students. Please, let us know, so we could add you on. It's the Project: 'YouAreBetterThanYouThink' . The School building might look funny, (Photograph attached) but they've got some great young people in there! Let's make some impact. #SpeakingOpportunity! 

P:S The GCE Application form is due 7th July, 2013. Already, we have received donation of N10,500 from Mrs. O.J. Thank you SO much, Madame!!! We hope to initiate the registration process this week Friday. Pls, let us know if you are willing to sponsor a child, too. Thank you! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Procedures for Accepting Donation.

It is a beautiful day and we have so many things to be thankful to God for.

Wishing you a pleasant week, ahead.

Just a quick, For anyone and everyone interested to donating educational items or sponsor a child's education...herewith, is the procedure for accepting donation:

A. Donation form sent to Donor via e-mail
B. Donor fills and Return Form preferably via e-mail
C. Items Received from Donors
D. Financial lead or a designated Official verifies A-C
E. Cash receipts issued to Donor or item Received Note Issued to Donor.

Have a Great Day, Friends. :)
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sponsoring a Child's Education!

This weekend, we present another 0child on our waiting list of kids who need education Sponsor.

Happy Weekend!

PS: Pls do not hesitate to send us a mail ( or visit our resource centre (ipaja area, Lagos state) for further details, friendship, sponsorship, donations of educational items etc. |Thank You|

"the absolute worst thing is to see a child suffering, and if you can do something about it, then you must help them.....It doesn't matter how much or little you have, if someone is in need, then you must help them with whatever you can"

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So much fun...with school kids :)

Today, we purchased some sporting items such as football. Skipping rope for kids in a community primary school. It was exciting to watch the students hop around, playing balls, skipping ropes having lotta fun. Huge appreciation to everyone who's been a part of our cause. You are our Hero! Thank you.

And, yes we gave some water bottles awaaaay, especially to those pretty younger kids..

"Project 100"

It's 98 days to the beginning of a New Academic Session..

And, we've got "Project 100" on our mind... Here, we hope to donate some educational items to HUNDRED disadvantaged kids in public primary schools...especially, those without any school bag, sandals etc. Would you sponsor a child's educational pack? Be a part of our Project Hundred SPONSORS, today!. Here is our wish list for the kids.

1. Educational items such as School Bags, Notebooks, Pencils, Pens, Ruler, Crayon, Drawing Books, School Sandals, A pair of Socks, School Uniform. .

2. Basic Education Sponsors. These include individuals who are willing to be paired to young kids for education sponsorship. We have some kids on our waiting list.. Let us know if you would be willingly to mentor and sponsor a child.

We would appreciate DONATIONS of educational items for the kids!!!!! Pls send us a mail if you have got items to donate. And we would be glad to pick them up! (rsnnigeria @ gmail . com) -without the spaces, pls.

ThAnK yOu, AlWayS! 


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sporting Items..

This week we have been invited to participate in some sporting activities with school children at a neighbouring community primary school. And, they have requested for some sporting items. Howbeit, we have got them some water bottles too....Photos of  water bottle is attached. 

Pleasant Week, Everyone...:)
This day, we celebrate all Fathers and Mentors who have been there for us, offering love, guidance, assisting the education of "complete strangers" and young people. Thank you very much. May your lives be Beautiful and Your Days be prolonged for greater accomplishments and blessings. God bless you. Amen

Thanking You, Always.

Happy Father's Day!

With love,
RSN Team

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Children Who Need Education Sponsors..featured story

It was a sunny afternoon during school hour, when we visited homes to some out-of-school kids in Lagos State.

Here are two lovely children and brothers, Ayanfe and Seyi who stopped going to school since last year when momma could not pay the school bills anymore. These young boys stay at home to look after their young sister when mama leaves home to do laundry work for other families far and near.

Ayanfe is 5years old, while Seyi is 8years. They really would love to go back to school and we are hoping that we get necessary assistance to make their dream come true.

Nigeria Holds World Record in Out-Of-School Children. :(

@PremiumTimesng­: SHOCKING: Nigeria holds world record in number of children out of school­5irfXjeFUh

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has released a shocking report indicating that one out of every five Nigerian children is out of school.

In what is clearly a national disgrace for a country that is the world’s eight largest oil producer, the UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report (EAGMR) says Nigeria holds the world record of having the highest number of its young people out of school.

With approximately 10.5 million kids out of school, Nigeria dominates twelve other countries with which it accounts for 47 percent of the global out-of-school population.

The other countries are Pakistan (5.1 million); Ethiopia (2.4million); India (2.3million); Philippines (1.5million); Cote D’Ivoire (1.2million); Burkina Faso (1million); Niger (1million); Kenya (1million); Yemen (0.9million); Mali (0.8million) and South Africa (0.7million).

And of all these countries, UNESCO says Nigeria is among the four that has experienced the highest increase since 1999.

“It (Nigeria) is one of only four among these twelve countries where the number increased in absolute terms,” the report noted. “It now accounts for almost one in five out-of-school children in the world.”

Although, UNESCO officials blame the drop in school enrolment in some countries on the decrease in aid between 2010 and 2011, anecdotal evidence suggests that the monumental corruption at all levels of government might have worsened Nigeria’s case.

In Nigeria, officials routinely steal funds appropriated for building classrooms, buying textbooks and implementing programmes that should bring more children to school.

Recently some officials were indicted for stealing funds released to the nomadic education commission, an agency charged with the responsibility for getting Fulani herdsmen to enroll their kids in school.

“This is a shame for our country,” says Femi Falade, a private school owner in Ijebu-Ode. “President Jonathan and state governors should bury their heads in shame.”

In a statement Monday, Kate Redman, Communications Specialist, Education for All Global Monitoring Report (EAGMR), of UNESCO in Abuja, said the amount of aid to basic education Nigeria received in 2011 was 28 per cent lower than it received in 2010.

“It is in the top 10 countries for the largest decrease in aid from 2010-2011.”

It is not clear whether Ms. Redman was talking about aid from the Nigerian government or from donor agencies.

The statement said new statistics showed that 57 million children were out of school globally in 2011, which was a drop of two million from 2010.

It said that aid to basic education had decreased for the first time since 2002, adding that the world must move beyond helping children enter school to also ensure that they learnt the basics there.

“Our twin challenge is to get every child in school by understanding and acting on the multiple causes of exclusion and to ensure they learn with qualified teachers in healthy and safe environments.

It called on donors to renew their commitments so that no child was left out of school due to lack of resources.

It also noted that funds were not directed to the regions and countries most in need, adding that only 1.9 billion dollars (about N296.4bn) was allocated to low income countries in 2011.

The report, however, urged donors to prioritize countries and regions most in need as sub-Saharan African accounted for more than half of out-of-school children.

(Full Text)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Out of School Children

With over 10 Million out of school children in Nigeria? Now that is something to worry about....

Sunday, June 9, 2013

simply terrific..

...chatting with a young man this morning until about 1:00am, wasn't an issue...cos he had me all-smiles with his questions...etc He really wanted to know if there's any college that would take a D7 in English Language. He wants to study Accounting! He has repeatedly written his exams without a credit in English. In his words: "I can't afford to stay home this year again"

"Any hope for me, ma?"

Although, he wrote another WAEC exams this year and he is awaiting his results, but it seems he's lost hope, already!...But, we wouldn't. We are believing God for a miracle!

What got me all-smiles while chatting to him was because, this is one student who graduated from one of the High schools we repeatedly visited for our youth seminar in 2011. He never associated with us then, maybe . But, he got our number and saved it up for more than 2years after graduation! He was chatting to us for the first time this morning. Wow!

Young people are amazing! You never can tell when they would need your number....just give(sow) it away..

He reminds me of Simeon who called some 2years after too and in late midnight!...and, all he wanted to know was "if it was right to keep a girlfriend, when it seems he was the odd one amongst his peers. Sure, the peer pressure was huge on him. #YoungPeopleAreTerrific; #GodBlessYoungPeople; #GodBlessYouToo.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Photo of some students at the RSN e-Village Centre...

Truly, we alone cannot change the world, but we can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples...Mother Theresa


Another Child from Street to School..

Another Child off Street to School (√)
School Bills Paid (√)
Educational Items (√)
Smiley Girl, Happy Child (√)

Thanks to Aunty Taiye, fRiEnD oF RSN.

We love you, God bless you...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Education is a RIGHT, regardless!

Welcome to a New Month of JUNE! Thanking you all for ALL you do.

Actually, We wouldn't have been able to do what we do without the immense support we receive from our friends off and on Facebook.

Our recent update was yesterday when within few hours after a fund-raising campaign..that we got some N50,000 to support the education programs of a needy youth, stranded at the University. Thank you, to everyone who shared in our aspiration to making the streets VOID of out-of-school young people.

Again, by next week Monday, we shall be enrolling an out-of School, 8years old girl in school. Do watch this space for some updates.

It's been awesome working with the disadvantaged young people. It's really not about us...but them!

Let's see how far we could reduce the statistics of 10million out-of-school kids in Nigeria..

Education Is A RIGHT of every child, regardless.

Thank you for reading. Do have a fabulous month..

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