Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We Just Were Going to Tell You This....

We Just Were Going to Tell You This.....that one of our sponsored girls, EseOghene (That brilliant young girl who was ill some months back and we had to get her to the hospital, paid the bills and eventually rented an apartment for her family). Yes, mama had to send her to the village to go stay with great grand ma (aarrrgggh!).. It was so difficult for us to let go, however, family interest had to be respected.

We really want to use this medium to say a huge thank you to every one who supported EseOghene's Education and Housing Project. Her two younger siblings are still on our sponsorship list..we hope to assist them as much as we can. Just giving every child the opportunity to have a good life...

Thank you, Friends..x Happy Month End.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


In preparation for 'Project25', this morning we did visit a target School -Estate Grammar School. And, it was exciting meeting with School Officials, and Students. They are so we are.

Think #Project25  Think #Mentoring 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

#Project25: What We Hope To Achieve?

...With the #‎Project25 : we hope to mentor 25 young women/School Girls in rural community. Strictly assisting them to understand the importance of education. Enlightening them on academic opportunities for girls like us..

The truth is, it's going to cost you as a volunteer Mentor to stay connected with girls who live in rural areas and without connectivity nor phones. We are all out to HELP...the less priviledged. To empower. To enlighten. To Guard, aright. Be prepared.

25Mentors...Please. We've got a few, already! *smiles*hugs*

Kindly fill the application form below:

Thank You. God Bless..

We all need stay strong and focus. #Project25!
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Friday, October 25, 2013


25 Girls
25 Mentors
One School
Mentorship Session
Leadership Programme
Motivational Talks
Girl-Talk Shows

Wouldn't you rather be a Girl-Mentor!!!? 

It's the Project25 and we are excited about it, already.
For Partnership and Sponsorship, Please send a mail to
Thank you!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Out Of School Children? Another Child is OFF the list..

Just like many other kids out there who have been out of school for one reason or the other. John is another charming young man who stopped going to school since last 13 months, simply because his parents could not afford his school bills anyone. He lives in a rural community where there are no public schools. He has been enrolled into a Private School. He is in Primary 4. :)

Such an interesting young man is he..check him out. .!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Kids are BACK to SCHOOL...!

It is pretty exciting to registering some more out-of-school kids in school, this academic season. 

Wow! We even had a mama showing up with her kids to school. She was super excited for the liberation and support rendered to her family. These kids have stayed off school for some 12 months  We truly hope they get the best out of this opportunity so mama could smile brightest now and always. 

 Thanks to our friends. We truly need some more Sponsors so we could send more kids to School, pls.

Here comes our Young Professor...haha

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

‘Poor Funding Limiting Educational Growth’ -Tosin Says.

Published Story of the BagSwap Event in PUNCH Newspaper: (click on the link to be directed to the page)

The Founder and Coordinator, Resource Sharing Network, a non-governmental organisation, Mrs. Tosin Olowoyeye-Tosin, has identified poor funding and dearth of mentors as reasons for the  increase in the number of kids dropping out of school.

Olowoyeye-Tosin also attributed the situation to poverty and the lack of purposeful direction by both the private and public sector.

She called on well-meaning individuals, philanthropists and corporate bodies to invest more in the sector, saying it was the only way to reposition the sector to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

Olowoyeye-Tosin said this at the NGO’s recent visit to three schools namely African Church Primary School, Meiran Community Primary School and Ikola Community Primary School, all in Oke-Odo Local Government Area of Lagos State.

She noted that the initiative was to impact on the lives of the school children, especially those in the rural areas, in a way that they would see the school environment as a place to be.

According to Olowoyeye-Tosin, private sector intervention will boost children’s enthusiasm in education.

She said, “The NGO goes to the rural areas to identify mostly pupils that are orphans and pupils, whose parents cannot afford the basic tools for their education. Sadly, some of these children come to school without books and sandals. The aim of our visit is not only to donate educational items, but also boost their enthusiasm for education; we don’t want them to give up because we know that is the only future they have.

“This is not to say the government doesn’t give them these materials, but we are complementing the government’s effort. We want to help these children build their basic foundation for education. Since we started this initiative, we have different phases like mentoring the pupils to know what their strong points are.  We also pay the bills of the children. We take them out of the streets and put them in schools and we pay their fees.”

The items donated by the group, in partnership with Myne White Company, included school uniforms, textbooks, notebooks, sandals, bags, bibles, furniture and writing materials.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Educating A Nation.

International Day Of the Girl Child!


"Join us daily (tuesday to friday) in our Live Tweet Chat with the following stakeholders as we discuss the socio - cultural perception of the #‎GirlCHILD

Princess Simysola Agunbiade Co-Founder LACE (Ladies After Christ Example) (Today 5pm)

Taiwo Akinlami Principal/Lead Facilitator at Taiwo Akinlami INSPIRES (Wedn 6.30pm)

Tosin Taiwo Founder/Executive Director Resource Sharing Network (Thurs 12pm)

Bridget Elesin Managing Partner Grace Perspective Ltd (Thurs five pm)

Praise Fowowe Founder Praise Fowowe International ( Friday 11am)

Priscilla Jumoke Awe CEO Female Talk Network (Friday 5pm)

Follow @walk_rapeng and ask questions with the hashtag #GirlChild

#‎BreakingTheSilence !!!!
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

After #BagSwap...What Next?!?

We have had some friends asked us 'what next' after the #BagSwap Project..?

Perhaps, the exciting fact is that behind our works are passionate Change Makers and committed Sponsors. God bless them...richly.  Mind you, we are only a very small organisation. Thank YOU, Sponsors.

We have had the #BagSwap event on two separate days this week, thus, reaching out to more than 900 Children in Public Schools in Rural Communities. It was an exciting experience distributing School Bags, Sandals, Pencils, Crayon, Biro, Notebooks, Bibles etc. it was fun.

It is amazing and a miracle when people you have never met with but only interacted on FB, email could believe so much in your cause...And, they DONATE for your cause. It is a miracle.

This Status Update is dedicated to YOU and YOU. Thank you hugely for believing in our cause. It means so much and we have truly been able to expand our scope because you gave. Thank you! God bless you much
more. Amen

*"It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and the hungry-looking"-Julius Caesar.*
*"Every time I see an out-of-school child, I see potentials begging to be exploited...MentorAChild" -Tosin Taiwo*

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NIGERIA: Happy Independence Day!

"when it is your birthday, regardless of your achievement or non-achievements, 
weight gained or loss, friends added or enemies subtracted..
You just want to feel good and be happy...feeling so blessed to be alive, regardless. Having great hope in the future that no matter what the present tells...
Things are still gonna be okay. 

Yes, I understand it was your day, yesterday...Dear Nation Nigeria
I am hoping you did try to have a good time, despite been reminded of your weaknesses by a huge lot.  I know how it feels. Howbeit, in the future lies strength, hope, greatness..knowing fully well that things would not be like this forever.

We have always believed in you and with God on our side, righteousness shall be restored. Peace regained and like a tree planted by the rivers of water...YOU shall bring forth fruits in your season. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. -Tosin Taiwo

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Third Public Primary School Visited, Same Day

Swapped. Checked.

Photographs Speak Louder...;)

Old Bags to be Swapped ?!?!?!

We asked the children to raised their bags up...these were all we got...:) And, although we could not meet everyone's need. We tried the little we could and they were happy.

Photo Gallery...Here Comes School Officials Representing Two Schools

The kids waited patiently ...for their items.. :)

Photo Gallery...#BagSwap.

We aren't recovered yet from yesterday event and friends are asking us already for the next project and how they could be of! you are amazing. Thank you very much. We love you, Friends. Thank you for BagSwap event. God bless you more. Amen