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Getting More Kids Back to School..

Please, Meet With Our Newest Friend and Out-Of-School Girl -Motayo! who has been out of school since last year, December due to lack of funding. She is so excited to be back in school. She resumed into a new Independent School, yesterday with all expense paid... We hope to pay for her education bills throughout her primary education....More updates and photographs would be shared with you soon.

No Child Deserves to be Out-Of-School Due To Lack Of Funding...#Street2SchoolInitiative. :)
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We Need YOU!!!!!!!!

Dear Sir/Ma,

Hoping you had a wonderful day out!
Wishing you a very pleasant, blessed weekend, ahead.
We were going to tell you this, that last year, it was exciting working with you to achieve a common goal, a common cause.  Indeed, it was a more inspiring year of purposeful service. Perhaps, one of the best thing that happened to us last year was that we were able to reach out to a greater population of young people with needs and we were SO blessed to have your support. Thank You! You could read about the Evidence of Impact here. Huge thanks to you, our Sponsors & Donors!

This year, we hope to achieve greater feats and we would definitely need your support as always, Sir/Ma. Hence, we solicit for Sponsors/Partners who are able to commit to a certain amount of donation monthly, quarterly or annually. Here are some different Categories, please (in Naira):
Gem             10,000 - 50,000
Silver           51,000 - 100,000
Diamond   101,000 - 250,000 Gold              251,000-500,000 Platinu…

Not Out-Of-School Anymore..

We love representing those young people whose voices seem unheard..We love advocating! Supporting'em. Encouraging'em. Sponsoring'em.

Here comes a drawing of a child who was once an out-of-school boy...until last year! He is back to school now on Full Scholarship...and, his best hobby is drawing...Maybe someday soon, he might be a professional graphic designer..:)

On-Going Project25!

Mentee Meets Mentor..#Project25.
"The best help we can offer the youth of today is to prepare them for tomorrow" - M.W Boyer

Weekend Tutorial: Mathematics is Fun.

Free weekend tutorial for young people in rural areas, has commenced. This is to support in their learning experience and to have them well prepared for their examinations. Maths is fun...

Photo shows participating students from various schools with their Tutor: Mrs. Taiye Faloju of Standard Chartered Bank. She is truly an amazing Tutor and volunteer.

What Your Mentees Got To Say About...#Project25!

As we sat in class to discuss their academics, girls-talk and their relationship with their mentors. It was a beautiful moment for the girls to relish their experiences and mentoring relationship with their mentors, in the last six weeks!

Remember, Project25? ;)

It is an ongoing mentoring scheme for high school girls in rural communities...a project organized by Street to School Initiative (Formerly, Resource Sharing Network).

It has been an awesome moment, having friends and terrific individuals from across the globe, mentor young people, Young Girls...! A wonderful feeling for the girls to be connected with people who care so much to become their Mentor.

In Rural Communities, It's easier for a Girl to have mobile phone than to have an EMAIL ADDRESS. It is almost a taboo. Lol! And, so this has made communication pretty difficult..however, it seems we have got ourselves some Class Acts! Who could go the extra making some incessant phone calls, just to stay in touch with …

EFA: Bring the School Closer to the Home and Community

"If education for all must be achieved, we still firmly believe that ACCESSIBILITY is key. Bring the School Closer to The Home and Communities.." -Tosin

This morning, we did visit some schools (3) in preparation for our monthly free tutorial classes for high school students in rural communities and also for some school-based mentoring session. At the High Schools, we had some exciting time with the students, especially girls as we talked about issues that girls are faced with and how to combat the challenges.
While transiting from one school to the other, we decided to visit a local government primary the community. This is one public primary school that serves EIGHT communities and the population in each classes are better imagined than seen.  There were some 80-100 children in each classes, from Nursery class to Primary six! This is definitely not a conducive environment to the classes are densely populated.
As an advocate for Quality Education and Educ…

Empowering Mothers...Sponsoring Children Education

The need for women empowerment is inevitable especially in areas where children are out of school due to lack of fund. We believe that to every empowered mother, there is a child whose formal education is guaranteed and future, secured.

On the 9th day of January, 2014, we did provide some financial aid to a mother of one of our sponsored children in rural communities....Photograph shows Director of Street To School Initiative with the mum. 

Huge Appreciation to our Child Sponsor and Donor -Ofunneka Youth Empowerment Trust Fund..(OYETF)#Street2SchoolInitiative. God Bless!

Breaking News!!!!!!

Dear Sir/Ma, 

We are proud to announce to you that we are changing organization name from Resource Sharing Network to STREET TO SCHOOL INITIATIVE.
The name change is due to the significant registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). 

The organisation will continue to operate in its current structure and your contacts will remain unchanged. At the same time we would appreciate you add up our new email address, so you do not get our mails in the JUNK. The old e-mail address will continue to be operational for the foreseeable future. While our blog spot will for now remain unchanged with bank details.
Thank you for your support, always! God bless you more..
Street2School Team
"No Child Should Be Out of School... Due to Lack of Fund"

Mentoring: Our Lapses, Our Fear.

Our fear was confirmed on Wednesday, 1st of January, 2014..when one of our Mentors called in to share with us her endeavors to reaching her past Mentee and present Project25 Mentee. In 2010/2011, Lateefat was paired with a dedicated Mentor and Friend of RSN. Lateefat aspired to study Accounting at the University. She truly was a lovely girl full of aspiration, although she had her shortcomings and deficiencies in some core subjects. Lateefat was eager to have a Mentor, maybe someone she could chat with, a The mentoring program lasted for some 6-9months. And, Lateefat was paired with a young professional lady and graduate of Accounting from the University of Lagos. However, there was a lapse which we failed to manage as an organization. We failed to find a Mentor replacement for Lateefat...when her Mentor lost her job and could not maintain a mentoring relationship with her any longer. "I could remember she would call me so often, but because of my loss of job, I was not keen to a…

No Child.

No Child Deserves To Be Out Of School ...Due To Lack Of Fund.

#Street2SchoolInitiative. #TogetherWeCan #Mission #2014
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Words Are Not Enough...

Dear Sir/Ma,
Words are not enough to express our profound gratitude to you for all you do to support our projects and out-of-school kids. We appreciate you, and on behalf of every beneficiary, we say thank you very much. Thank you for your partnership in year 2013! We look forward to a robustful and more impactful year 2014!
Wishing you the best of years, this season. May your dreams come through and May the Lord be gracious unto you and grant you your heart requests. Thank you for all you do...
We appreciate you, always.
Happy New Year!

Do Have A Smashing One!