We Need YOU!!!!!!!!

Dear Sir/Ma,

Hoping you had a wonderful day out!

Wishing you a very pleasant, blessed weekend, ahead.

We were going to tell you this, that last year, it was exciting working with you to achieve a common goal, a common cause.  Indeed, it was a more inspiring year of purposeful service. Perhaps, one of the best thing that happened to us last year was that we were able to reach out to a greater population of young people with needs and we were SO blessed to have your support. Thank You! You could read about the Evidence of Impact here. Huge thanks to you, our Sponsors & Donors !

This year, we hope to achieve greater feats and we would definitely need your support as always, Sir/Ma. Hence, we solicit for Sponsors/Partners who are able to commit to a certain amount of donation monthly, quarterly or annually. Here are some different Categories, please (in Naira):

Gem             10,000 - 50,000

Silver           51,000 - 100,000

Diamond   101,000 - 250,000
Gold              251,000-500,000
Platinum     501,000 and above

We need you to be our Gem, Silver, Diamond, Gold or Platinum... so we could reach out to more disadvantaged young people in the communities.

Thank YOU!



"No Child Should Be Out of School...Due to Lack of Fund. Together, We Can..."

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