What Your Mentees Got To Say About...#Project25!

As we sat in class to discuss their academics, girls-talk and their relationship with their mentors. It was a beautiful moment for the girls to relish their experiences and mentoring relationship with their mentors, in the last six weeks!

Remember, Project25? ;)

It is an ongoing mentoring scheme for high school girls in rural communities...a project organized by Street to School Initiative (Formerly, Resource Sharing Network).

It has been an awesome moment, having friends and terrific individuals from across the globe, mentor young people, Young Girls...! A wonderful feeling for the girls to be connected with people who care so much to become their Mentor.

In Rural Communities, It's easier for a Girl to have mobile phone than to have an EMAIL ADDRESS. It is almost a taboo. Lol! And, so this has made communication pretty difficult..however, it seems we have got ourselves some Class Acts! Who could go the extra miles..to making some incessant phone calls, just to stay in touch with their 'little' sisters. It's been classic.

Using this platform, we still want to re-echo...Thank You, Friends for Your Thoughtfulness.

At the end of our class discussion, some of the girls had this to say...

*"...I really love this mentoring programme. I have spoken with my Mentor"*

*"...my Mentor has called me four times...she spoke with my dad...during
our discussion i noticed that she like asking of my family...she is very
kind, and lovely*" -Joy

*"..My Mentor told me her career is her friend, she advised me not to play
with my career...she has called me seven times...*" -Medinat

"*Project 25 has really encouraged me to stay positive...it has made me
believe in myself that if others can make it, I can make it...I am glad to
be part of this Project*"

To make a remarkable impact? Mentor A Child.. #Project25!

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