Every Sponsor...Thank YOU!

...Exciting scenarios this morning...that got me smiling. Okay, I'm going to share this: 

Firstly, there was the midnight credit alert from a wonderful friend and brother who pleaded to remain "Mr. Anonymous". He's sponsoring 15 young people to register for the 2014 GCE examination, FREE!..Woohoo! Huge Shout-Out, Mr. Anonymous. You are #Terrific  Thank you! God Bless.

Secondly, there's this sponsored child whose single mama does not put value to education. None of her 4kids went to school. However, we got to sponsor the child anyway, because we aren't just doing it for mama, but for the boy! He's been such a brilliant boy. From street to school.

But, for some time now, we get reports from his school that our little friend hasn't been regular in school because mama wants him to baby-sit his sibling and do some chores....<<>> Aarrrghh. Our efforts to get mama visit us hasn't been successful, until today. 

And, what we did was, we informed the school to send the boy back home as soon as he shows up, today. Hoping that mama would want to know why the school took that decision, then, probably make the purported visit to us.. Interestingly, this worked out as mama came-a-visiting, came-a-begging! She was scared we were going to discontinue the sponsorship?!.. She got some explanations too...but, do we really have to wait until we lose the good we have before we show some appreciation?

Factfile: Sometimes, it's not about getting the kids to school, but convincing some 'unlearned' parents/guardians of the importance of education. The most embarrassing moments are when parents think you've come to take their kids away from them..

We are motivated to do what we do because we believe every child could live up to their God-given potential. Every child could learn if given the right opportunity. Any child could be great.. Thanks to e v e r y CHILD sponsor.

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