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Education Support Program: BagSwap 2014

We had massive fun visiting young people in public primary school. It was absolutely fun-filling also, with terrific team members too. Huge thanks to everyone...

Yesterday, we concluded the Donation Exercise of Educational Items To Primary School Pupils in Rural Communities. We distributed free Notebooks, pencil School footwears, Medical gift items which includes toothbrush, soap, Vaseline, comb, clothings etc 

High School Visit, Today.

Last two weeks we received an invitation to speak with High School students who failed in their compulsory subjects and have been asked to repeat the class. Our visitation was aimed to motivate them and to encourage them on how to manage the 'situation'...
We might not have answers to their every questions, nor tell reasons why "Uchechi" was asked to repeat her class despite passing every other subjects brilliantly safe Mathematics. She had 48%..However, we had some great time together... talking about future plans despite present failure. Huge admiration and thanks to an Amazing Friend.... Uzezi Ekere Adesite!!!! She showed up to share her stories, inspiring change

Distribution of Gift Items to Rural Children

For some few days we have been clothing children, distributing the donated items, received. Today, please meet with one of our child beneficiaries with her granny at Our Resource Centre.
 #ClothingChildrenInRuralAreas. #Education  #Right

Meeting With Parents Of Sponsored Children.

Dear Esteemed Friends,
Trusting this mail meets you well, thank you for all you do.
On 24th day of October we had a brief meeting with parents/guardian of sponsored children in IkolaCommunity. (We hope to schedule meeting with parents in other communities).
It was imperative for us to meet with the guardians/parents of these children due to some report of negligence we received from school proprietors.
It was observed that some parents/guardians are not helping their wards/children to stay in school. A few of the children still hawk on the street after school hour, do not have breakfast to school etc.
It was a worthwhile meeting and we appreciate every child Sponsor for the support and prayers. Thank you all for everything.

Attached herewith are some photographs of event. Also, we distributed gifts items (footwears, clothings) received from Denmark to parents and their wards/children.
Do have a favour-filled week, all

Thanking you, God bless you, always!

Sponsoring Boys Education..

We love and sponsor the boys, too. Every child deserves a chance to education.. 

Photograph shows two of SSI sponsored children with Tosin of Street2School Initiative.

Education Liberates...

This morning, we enrolled our young friend Bamidele Oluwaseun in school. But before then, we had to change his tattered wears and sandal replacing them with the clothing items and school sandals received, yesterday. He really was so excited. He is in Basic 2.

#Education is a right of every child regardless of the circumstance, age, gender, ethnicity, religion. Education liberates the soul..

With Love From Denmark

Today, we received with 'reciprocated' love a pallet of donated items (school footwear, clothings) for school children in rural communities.
What a very pleasant surprise from Anne in Denmark. Anne is a friend of Street2School  Initiative and girl-mentor. (Project25).
Huge Hug, Anne. Thank you for the gifts!!!

Book Donation Exercise...First Batch!

This morning, we made some distribution of educational items to children in rural communities. You really don't know how much your support means to the children, to us! Thank you veeeery much, Friends. Thank you, always! God bless you...

'every child can learn, every child deserves a chance...'

First Photograph: Street2school Friends with African Church Nursery and Primary School Officials.

We hope to conclude the next donation exercise on Friday, 17th October, 2014. Thank you SO much, all. Best Week, Ahead!

Tosin Taiwo For the children.

BagSwap: Donation of Educational items

Sample of Notebooks to be donated to school children in under served schools resume on 8th October, 2014. No thanks to the Ebola scare that made the government to extend resumption dates... It's wonderful to know that the disease has been contained and the kids could now go back to school #back2school#education4all