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Some Snacks for the kids.

It's a beautiful morning o'er here. Thanks to our friend for the donated snacks.​

Learning is Fun.

"Are you happy to be in school?" We asked Anu -who was attending school for the first time after spending some 12months on the street selling/grinding pepper! "Yes, Very Happy!" #EducationCounts... #HavenSchools.

This Minute...

This minute, we aren't asking for anything​ but to say THANK YOU for everything. Thank you for your support. Thank you for every penny extended till date. Thank you very much for all you do for the disadvantaged young people. We cannot deny the fact that your support has been of tremendous help to our works. For the lives touched, hopes rekindled and families helped. Thank you very much.

"​Education​...every child deserves a chance"

Library in Every Class..

"What has been achieved, inspires us to do more.." #Education: Giving Every Child A Chance.

We Need More Computer Systems For The Children, Please.

Photographs displayed show some out of school children at the Haven Schools learning about computer system For the first time. Such an awesome experience for most of them. Our thanks to Praise Akanmu an intern from Covenant University . Thank you for volunteering to teach Computer Science at the Haven Schools, every week!

2015/2016 GCE Sponsorship Scheme

"I was also a beneficiary of the GCE Sponsorship scheme in 2011...Now, a student of Psychology department, OAU"
This month, we are seeking out 20 young people who wish to write the 2015 General Certificate Examination (GCE) but, do not have the means/fund. Pls, let us know if you've got any brilliant young person in your hood who needs this sponsorship. Do send a mail to Deadline: June 26th, 2015.

Application Form is here:

#Education #EveryChildMatters :)

ThisDay Newspaper Reports...

We just saw this report online which features Street to School Initiative Founder, Mrs. Taiwo Tosin, and we have decided to share with you. Mrs. Tosin Taiwo is in the photograph seated with the incubent Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. Source: ThisDay Newspaper

Akinwunmi Ambode
The founder of La Roche Leadership Foundation and former Accountant-General of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, recently recognised eleven social entrepreneurs in the state, leaving them with a message that the future of Nigeria depends on their inputs into the development process and governance. Gboyega Akinsanmi writes

Her passion precisely began with a narrative of Nigeria’s poor school enrolment. Her dream too is simply to rescue as many children as possible off the streets of Lagos State. Mrs. Tosin Taiwo, the Founder of Street to School Initiative, never knew her little input could earn her recognition one day. But La Roche Leadership Foundation took her aback last week when she was invited for…

Our New Intern

..And, so this brilliant, young graduate of Covenant University came for internship with us! I was so curious why he wouldn't want to go do this with some bigger firm in the city. Why this 'village' where the roads are crooked and the distance, pretty far from his abode?!? His answers were compelling. Inspiring. Makes one speechless.
He got a kind heart and cares so much about others. In his words, life is not worth living, unless you live it for others.
So this morning, Praise K. would be teaching some out-of-school children at Haven Schools, Computer Science. He is doing this for free.
#VolunteersWeek. #WeAppreciateEveryoneOfYou.
Thank You! Tosin Taiwo Director, Street to School Initiative 2013, United States Consul-General Award Recipient.

Celebrating Our Volunteers.

On the 27th of May, 2015, We had another splendid session with children, celebrating children's day with disadvantaged kids of Haven Schools. 
Thank you to Mrs. Faloju for the donations, love and care. Thank you to Ms. Efamoru, our terrific Volunteer Teacher, Thank you, Mr. Michael (Volunteer/Child Sponsor) and to Mr. Praise (Intern). You all are amazing! We celebrate you..!
To Teachers of Haven Schools, you simply are the best!


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