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As John Oloyede Graduates...

Whilst we all prepare for a new week, ahead. We thought it would be nice to share with you a few update.

Primary School Graduation
Excitedly this month, one of our sponsored children, John Oloyede would be graduating from primary school. It’s such a swell moment for him. Special thanks to his sponsor, Mr. Olayemi Yemmsy for having his back and paying up his bills till date. Thank you so much, sir. We appreciate you. Attached herewith is John’s photograph. You remember him? J He was the young man who dropped out of school at primary 4 and had been out of school for some 12 months, living in an uncompleted building.

Registration of Haven Schools:
Last month, we did commence the registration exercise of Haven schools with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Hopefully, this week, we look forward to the result on the availability of the name for our use.

Our website
At present, our website, and the associated email address have been deactivated. This is because we have refused to renew the subscription rate, which entails a monthly recurring bill of $ 5 for email subscription and an annual bill of $ 140 for domain renewal. Unfortunately, we weren't well informed about these expenses by the web developer, from the onset. We have paid this bill until last two months!! Now, we hope to get a more cost effective, better deal.

The School
According to government directive, all schools are expected to vacate, next week. Hence, we shall be rounding off this academic term with the Prize Giving Ceremony on Friday July 17th, 2015! Thanks to everyone for the magnanimous support. We appreciate you, and also cordially invite you all to the prize giving ceremony for the children! Date: 17th July. Time: 10:00am. To support with gift items, donation? Kindly call Praise on 07066274529. Thanks Mrs Taiye for this:here

GCE Sponsorship Scheme
The 2015 GCE sponsorship exercise would commence immediately after we have conducted qualifying test for the applicants on July 23rd, already we have some 25 applicants. 

​Thank you everyone. Do have a blessed week. We ask God in His abundance to bless you abundantly for all you do for the disadvantaged children.​


SSI Team

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We would Be On Classic FM today, Please, Listen Up.

Dear Friends,Today, we would be on "Amazons on Radio" show on Classic FM Radio. And, we invite you to kindly tune in by 4:00pm to listen to us, as we shall be discussing Out of School Children.Once again, we wish to thank everyone of you for being there. Thank you for your thoughtfulnesskind wishes, prayers, donations and huge support to the cause of children from extremely low income earning families. Thank you very much. God Bless.Our Best Wishes!
SSI Team
"Education...every child deserves a chance"