Friday, July 31, 2015

Unique Coincidence..with Photographs.

Tosin Writes…

After leaving the clinic today with some 'mixed feelings', unhappy. I decided to make some official transaction, by taking a trip to one of the authorized banks to purchase the GCE form for our  intended less-priviledged young people, as we would be issuing the forms out to potential beneficiaries, next week.

While at the bank, there came in a young man, Victor with his mum to purchase the GCE form, also! The mama looks fragile, having one of her hands, bandaged, with a piece of jacket covering it.

We waited patiently for the bank official to attend to us, together.

Eventually, it was Victor and his mama's turn to make the purchase, while, I waited for our receipt of transaction. Unfortunately, the bank official would not attend to Victor because mama had N7, 000 instead of N11, 600 for the purchase! She tried so much to explain to the bank official why she had insufficient funding, explaining her ordeals, and how Victor could not register for the 2015 WASSCE/WAEC with his colleagues earlier this year, still, because she could not afford the fee. Her story was touching, with tears in her eyes, I listened up.

Disappointedly, the bank official told mama, that there was nothing he could do to help …'well, what a great coincidence, as Street to School official, like me, was present!  This is our student, the kind of young people we seek to support', I thought. Eventually, I had a conversation with mama and son, assuring them of our sponsorship.  She least expected it, she was stunned, and SO appreciative. The smile on her face was enough to swiftly translate my initial mixed feeling to a happy moment. She expressed unspeakable joy..

On Monday, we would be giving Victor alongside other young people, the GCE e-cards for registration. Once again, our profound gratitude to YOU our sponsors for making this possible.  Thank you Mr. A.O, Ms. Funmi Fadare, Mr. Emmanuel and Mr. A. Thank you for doing this. Thank you SO much for rekindling hope.

We appreciate you all. God bless.

PS: Photographs attached show Victor, his mum and Tosin Taiwo.

​Happy Weekend!​

Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 GCE Sponsorship Update.

Do You Know Any Disadvantaged Young Person(s) Who Wish To Write the 2015 General Certificate Examination (GCE) in Lagos, Nigeria but does not have the means? 

NB: Qualifying Test/Interview for Applicants Holds On Thursday 30th July!

Do send us a mail on For Further Details.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Helper's Academy


A​s new academic session commences ​on 14th of September, 2015. We are seeking out Sponsors for 15 vulnerable children. Please, Find Attached flier of Some of the Children. Already, we have 2 Sponsors. To sponsor a child costs: N20,000 per academic term. Annual Sponsorship is N60,000. These charges would be used essentially to purchase textbooks, notebooks etc for the children.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sponsored Child Finishes Primary Education, Heads For High School

 A Very Hearty Congratulations to Our Prioneer Basic School Graduand -John Oloyede and Special Thanks to his Sponsor, Mr. Olayemmy for the efforts all through the years.

We wish John a more adventurous learning years, ahead.

Congratulations, once again.


Street2School Initiative Team!
@RSNetwork2 @street2schoolNG
"Education...every child counts"

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Prize-Giving Ceremony: PHOTOGRAPHS.

Today, we had massive fun with the children. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. We appreciate all you do for poor children. 

One of our guests was Ms. Obymoore from Incubator Africa. she was so delighted to meet with the children. Kindly find attached photographs, please. 

Next week, we would commence the GCE sponsorship exercise for disadvantaged students, who desire to participate in the 2015 General Certificate Examination. Already, we have received cash donation of N266,800 to purchase the GCE application form for 23 students at N11,600 each

Zillion thanks to ​YOU our friends for ​your selfless support. you are amazing. God bless !

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Prize-Giving for the Children, Tomorrow !!!!

Dear Sir/Ma

We are so excited as we look forward to the Prize-Giving ceremony of Haven Schools, tomorrow. Thanks to Mr. Teslim Belo-Osagie, Mrs. Faloju Taiwo, and Mrs. Tolulope Babatunde for their thoughtfulness and donations. Thank you for celebrating the heroes in these children. 

We received a total donation of N51, 700 out of N73, 400 budgeted. And, were able to purchase the following items: School bag, notebook, crayon, mathematical set, pencil, drawing book etc  (we had to get the school bags because only 1% of the children bring good bag to school)

While we received in-kind donations the following: Fruit drinksMinimie ChinchinChocolate chips/cookies from Mrs. Chidi Essell and 32 pieces of children umbrellas from Mrs. Taiye Faloju.

We appreciate you all for all you do for the need
y children. Thank you, always!

Kindly find attached Photographs of items purchased, received. 

SSI Team

"..every child deserves a chance"

Friday, July 10, 2015


As all schools are expected to close for the session in some 7days time. Here are some of the cutest, most inquisitive children we had for this term. Thanks to teachers who have been amazingly supportive.#KeepingUpWithThese3ChildrenIsLottaWorkFUN.

Thanks, Dear Sponsors.

...You donated ‪#‎N232,000 to support 20persons to write the GCE exams at the bank rate of N11,600 per application form. And, then you chose to be anonymous!!?!! Okay, you our wonderful friend, whose name cannot, must NOT be mentioned..(hohehe) THANK YOU for your love and support towards the education programs of disadvantaged young people.

Total GCE Forms to give away: 22.

Special Thanks to Our Donors and Friends. God bless you in every way! ‪#‎GCESponsorshipUpdate

Sunday, July 5, 2015

As John Oloyede Graduates...

Whilst we all prepare for a new week, ahead. We thought it would be nice to share with you a few update.

Primary School Graduation
Excitedly this month, one of our sponsored children, John Oloyede would be graduating from primary school. It’s such a swell moment for him. Special thanks to his sponsor, Mr. Olayemi Yemmsy for having his back and paying up his bills till date. Thank you so much, sir. We appreciate you. Attached herewith is John’s photograph. You remember him? J He was the young man who dropped out of school at primary 4 and had been out of school for some 12 months, living in an uncompleted building.

Registration of Haven Schools:
Last month, we did commence the registration exercise of Haven schools with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Hopefully, this week, we look forward to the result on the availability of the name for our use.

Our website
At present, our website, and the associated email address have been deactivated. This is because we have refused to renew the subscription rate, which entails a monthly recurring bill of $ 5 for email subscription and an annual bill of $ 140 for domain renewal. Unfortunately, we weren't well informed about these expenses by the web developer, from the onset. We have paid this bill until last two months!! Now, we hope to get a more cost effective, better deal.

The School
According to government directive, all schools are expected to vacate, next week. Hence, we shall be rounding off this academic term with the Prize Giving Ceremony on Friday July 17th, 2015! Thanks to everyone for the magnanimous support. We appreciate you, and also cordially invite you all to the prize giving ceremony for the children! Date: 17th July. Time: 10:00am. To support with gift items, donation? Kindly call Praise on 07066274529. Thanks Mrs Taiye for this:here

GCE Sponsorship Scheme
The 2015 GCE sponsorship exercise would commence immediately after we have conducted qualifying test for the applicants on July 23rd, already we have some 25 applicants. 

​Thank you everyone. Do have a blessed week. We ask God in His abundance to bless you abundantly for all you do for the disadvantaged children.​


SSI Team

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Educating the Less Priviledged.

I have no special talent, I am only passionately CURIOUS. #RuralChildren #Computing #Education #GoodMorningAfrica...